Current sensors are sensors that measure electric current, and depending on the intended use, there are various types ranging from those that measure a small current of a few mA to those that measure a high current of several thousand Ampere. Furthermore, there are two types of current: direct current and alternating current. Therefore, when selecting a current sensor for use, it is necessary to choose the most suitable method and structure depending on the application.
For example, in the CT type current sensor, the secondary current induced by the magnetic flux from the measured current is detected as a voltage using a shunt resistor.
In the Hall effect sensor type current sensor, the magnetic field around the conductor where the current flows are measured by a Hall effect sensor using a Hall effect current sensor.

Current sensor test Current Transformer (CT) Measurement
Current sensor test Hall effect current sensor

MI current sensors use the magnetic impedance effect caused by amorphous wires. It is characterized by its high accuracy.

Current sensor test Magneto-Impedance (MI) Current Sensor

Current sensors are used to measure and evaluate devices, so they must always be working properly. The current sensor test is used to evaluate them. The evaluation of current sensors requires a power supply that carries the current at a constant current, and that has low noise (ripple).

Matsusada Precision's power supplies are used for current sensor testing. Matsusada precision products have a wide lineup of output currents ranging from several mA to several thousand A, making it possible to evaluate a wide variety of current sensors.

  Applications Features
CT type current sensor Clamp power meter Cheap, no power supply required, can measure AC only
Hall effect type current sensor Smart phone lenses Can measure both AC and DC, no heat generation
MI current sensor Solar power generation, drones High sensitivity, low power loss, non-contact measurement
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