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  • PZJE series | Piezo driver | Matsusada Precision

PZJE series

Compact Bipolar Piezo Driver

High power and High speed drive high-capacitance piezo elements!

PZJE series are desktop type bipolar piezo drivers. They are high power drivers which are able to drive high-capacitance piezo elements required large output current, to drive many elements in parallel and high speed drive of sine wave as excitation. And, high speed step response for positioning by large peak current is possible. It is possible to set easily the reference point of displacement as provided the amplifying function for input wave and also DC bias function. They are available to wide range application from the research and development required sufficient output to production facility with piezo drivers combined easy operation and high output power.

Notice of POWER switch changes

We inform you of the power switch changes on the front panel as in the diagram below for shipment from June, 2020.

Before After
Push button switch
Push button switch
Rocker switch
Rocker switch

For further information, please contact our sales representatives.

Features and Benefits

  • High power and broadband piezo driver
  • Bipolar output
  • High speed drive high-capacitance piezo elements! Drive 10 µF piezo with 100 Hz
  • DC bias function as Standard Equipment
  • Damage prevention of piezo element by various Protective Function


Models Output Response Spead
Voltage [Vdc] Current Resistance [Ω] Sine Wave [-3 dB] Rising Time *2
Imean *1
Ip ≤ 10 ms [A]
RL Resistance Load 10 µF Load △V = 100 V 0 to Max. Voltage
PZJE-0.15B -150 to +150 0.75 2.0 1 DC to 100 kHz DC to 100 Hz 0.50 ms 1.50 ms
PZJE-0.3B -300 to +300 0.3 1.0 2 DC to 100 kHz DC to 22 Hz 1.00 ms 6.00 ms
  1. Output Current for DC is 50% of rated current.
  2. Approximate value at 10 µF load. Calculated from the peak output current (possible to output within 10 ms)(Tr = C, Vp-p/Ip)
    If calculated Tr is exceeds the maximum time (10 ms) to output the peak current, to be calculated from Tr' = Tr, Ip/Imean.


For details, download the datasheet below.


-LC: Limit for current

regulate output current with the drooping characteristics of voltage.

-LS: Remote switch ON/OFF

ON/OFF output voltage by remote signal. [short = ON, open = OFF]

How to order

When ordering, add Option No. in the following order by alphabet to Model No.


Input cable

Standard for 100 V input, 3-pin plug
125 V/15 A
2.5 m
  • CABLE TYPE 8 Power input end
  • CABLE TYPE 8 Input plug
Sold separately for 200 V input, flying lead
250 V/10 A
2.5 m
  • CABLE TYPE 3 Power input end
  • CABLE TYPE 3 Input plug

* please use appropriate AC cable.

Output cable

  • CN-BNC-P


For details, download the datasheet below.


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