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New High Penetrating Power X-ray Inspection System with CT Variation µRay8700/8760

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Matsusada Precision introduce a new horizontal X-ray micro view microscope, µRay8700/8760.
µRay8700/8760 provides the clear penetrating images taken by the high resolution X-ray camera with the high power X-ray tube of 130kV and 40W. The micro-focus X-ray tube also features low noise as well as high contrast, so you can get clear images that had never been seen before. Thus, using the exceptionally high quality technology, multifunctional software, and superior operability, µRay8700/8760 provides a new first-rate penetrating observation system for NDT.

For more details, go to µRay8700/µRay8760.

If you have any further questions about the new service or would like to discuss the detail further, please feel free to contact us.