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New product P4KF-80 series, Compact DC power supply with wide range output and slim 1.38" width / 80-watt output

  • New product

The P4KF-80 Series, a masterpiece of compact DC power supplies that has achieved further evolution

Matsusada Precision has launched the new-generation P4KF-80 series of compact DC power supplies with improved rise time and reduced ripple noise, while maintaining the same slim design of the P4K-80 series with a width of 1.38".

In addition to high performance, the new model offers improved usability and safety through the use of safety output terminals, LAN and USB ports, and remote multi-function as standard equipment.

Supports a wide range of output power from 16V/10A to 320V/0.5A at 80 watts. Convenient wide-range and sequence functions, as well as the quietness provided by the natural convection cooling system, make it ideal for use by engineers in research and development. The DC power supply's compact size and high performance make it suitable for a wide range of testing and R&D applications, such as ECU and printed circuit board (PCB) testing, LED driving, and IV measurements.

For more information about the P4K-80 series, please feel free to contact us.