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New 15kW, 3U rack sized Regenerative, Bidirectional DC Power supply, PBR series

  • New product

Matsusada Precision launched a new regenerative DC power supply using air-through circuit blocking technology. The best thing of all, the series is perfectly compact size only one-third of the previous in height, making more space saving for workplace. It is the world's smallest regenerative DC power supply with 15 kW output. Furthermore, the series can be used both in power running and regeneration where the maximum output is 150 kW and 3600 A with parallel connection to 10 units.

As the next generation model with a wide range of power output, PBR series is especially designed for simulation batteries which are required to develop a wide variety of inverters and motors.

For more details, go to PBR series.

If you have any further questions about the new service or would like to discuss the detail further, please feel free to contact us.