The Pulsed Electro-Acoustic (PEA) measurement is a non-destructive method for measuring space charge distribution inside insulators and dielectric materials. By sandwiching both sides of the object to be measured between electrodes and applying a high voltage pulse, the internal charge vibrates. This vibration is captured by the sensor, and the magnitude of the signal can be measured as the amount of charge. In addition, the positional information of the charge can be obtained from the time deviation between the pulse and the signal captured by the sensor.

The IEC has a standard IEC TS 62758:2012 Calibration of space charge measuring equipment based on the pulsed electro-acoustic (PEA) measurement principle. In Japan, JAPANESE ELECTROTECHNICAL COMMITTEE(JEC) of the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE) has established "パルス静電応力法による空間電荷分布測定の校正法(JEC-TR-61004-2012)". Matsusada Precision high voltage power supply is used as a bias power supply for the high voltage of the Pulsed electro-acoustic measurement.

  • Dielectric
  • insulating material
  • charge distribution
  • high voltage