Accelerator (Particle accelerator) is a generic term for linear accelerator, circular accelerators (Synchrotron) and spiral accelerator (Cyclotron) that accelerate charged particles.

A linear accelerator, also called a linac, is used as a radiation therapy device (also called a cyberknife). They are also used as injectors for synchrotrons and cyclotrons in circular accelerators. A circular accelerator is an accelerator that orbits in a circular path and uses the force of a magnetic field to bend the direction of travel of charged particles.

Synchrotron radiation is produced when the particles are deflected, and this intense light is used to develop and analyze new materials. Accelerators are also used for experiments such as colliding accelerated particles (collider experiments) in basic research on nuclear physics and elementary particles.

Matsusada Precision manufactures and sells power supplies for accelerators such as power supplies for incident beams, power supplies for acceleration, and power supplies for deflection lenses.

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