Matsusada Precision offers free product demonstrations online and at our offices to help you learn more about our products. This is for prospective purchasers of our products. We also offer rentals for a fee.

Demonstration (Demo)

Demonstration Method Power supply equipment X-ray equipment
Demo our office Tokyo - Japan (Sales Office) AVAILABLE
Shiga-Japan (Innovation Center) ASK AVAILABLE
X-ray sample imaging AVAILABLE
Demonstration at your place ASK
Rental ASK ASK
  • ASK:(Please contact us for information on compatible models.)
  • :No support

X-ray inspection system and CT scanner demo room open

X-ray inspection system and CT scanner demo room open | Matsusada Precision

*Please see the X-ray inspection system demo room information page for locations.

Demonstration Guide

Online Demo

Online Demo of Power Supply Equipment Online Demo of Power Supply Equipment
Online demonstration of X-ray inspection system Online demonstration of X-ray inspection system

Online (video conferencing tool) product demonstrations.
Demonstration will be done with the video conferencing tool (WebEX) using a web camera and screen sharing of X-ray inspection system machines and CT scanners.

Rental (sorry, only in Japan)

Rental (sorry, only in Japan)

You pay a rental fee based on the period of time and we loan our products to you.
It is suitable for use over a limited period of time or in uncertain development.

Visitor Demonstration

Visitor Demonstration

You can visit our demo room and actually experience operating the X-ray inspection system and power supply equipment. You can learn more about our products.
For more information on X-ray inspection system inspection system demonstrations, please click here "Information on the X-ray inspection system Demonstration Room".

Request for Demonstration

The procedure for making a request is as follows

1. Fill out the request form

Please fill out the "Demonstration Request Form" and send it to us.

Demonstration Request

2. A representative will contact you at the e-mail address or phone number you provided.

(about 3-4 business days from request)

We will interview you about the purpose of use of the desired product, etc., and inform you of the "location" and "time" of the event.
Depending on the availability of the product, the requested dates and the nature of the request, we may not be able to fulfill your request.
We recommend that you apply well in advance of your planned use.

3. Demonstration

Explanation of products and introduction of operation methods upon customer request.

  • Information about our X-ray inspection system demo room

    You can examine our products for your consideration.
    We offer programs such as demonstrations and sample tests that allow customers to understand the features of our products by actually operating the equipment.
    Please come and experience it for yourself.
    For more information, please see the Demo Room Information page.

  • X-ray inspection system demo room

4. Support

We will prepare an estimate and a plan for implementation according to your wishes.

Inquiry by phone


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