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New High Power DC Electronic Loads EW series 2400W in 3 U

  • New product

Matsusada Precision has released a new electronic loads EW series with compact and high power 2400 W in 3 U size. The EW series has a high-capacity load 1.6 times higher than 1.5 kW conventional models.

The DC load provides four modes of CC, CV, CR, CP. With the auto switching, the operating mode where the load current is minimized is automatically set in response to the set value. The other features are switching mode, VI Curve mode, and Sequence Function. The VI Curve mode provides a simulation of loads such as laser diodes and LEDs which have non-linear resistance characteristics. The various features make the EZ series suitable for evaluation of DC switching power supply, DC relay and DC switches, and in-vehicle DC/DC converter.

If you have any further questions about the new service or would like to discuss the detail further, please feel free to contact us.