IVI is an abbreviation for Interchangeable Virtual Instrument. Aiming to enhance the software compatibility, the driver regulation of measuring instruments in collaboration with manufacturers in the measuring instrument industries. While there are two drivers of IVI-C and IVI-COM respectively in IVI, Matsusada Precision offers our convenient driver dealing with both of the drivers.
VISA is an abbreviation for Virtual Instrument Software Architecture, and the driver employs the specification implemented by VXI Plug & Play (PnP) Systems Alliance which defines the standard library for communication to measuring instruments. The driver enables you to substantially simplify the IO control programming. Such many measuring instruments with VISA are introduced.
SCPI is an abbreviation for Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments, and it is a command language with ASCII-based control which is designed for use in measuring instruments. The definition of command set has been established by measuring manufacturers working together. In today's industries, most measuring instruments adopt such commands in compliance with SCPI. Therefore, our products are also available with not only original commands but also SCPI. Now that we offer the optional services to this effect within the PRK and PRKJ series of DC power supplies, we are planning to implement the development of new types in our products.