BGA stands for Ball Grid Array and is a semiconductor IC package with solder balls called bumps array on its bottom surface. When mounted on a printed Printed circuit board (PCB), solder paste is printed on the joints of the Printed circuit board (PCB), called lands, and the BGA is mounted and heated for bonding. Due to their shape, optical and appearance inspections cannot detect solder bridge or shorted failures due to the BGA's shapes.

Matsusada Precision provides X-ray Non-Destructive Testing solutions used in joint condition inspection of BGA and PCB.

BGA solder mount defect of x-ray inspection | Matsusada Precision
X-ray system requirements
Focal spot Less than 100µm (mini-focus)
X-ray tube voltage 60 to 90 kV
Magnification 1 to 10x
BGA solder condition in X-ray Inspection | Matsusada Precision
Enlarged X-ray image of BGA | Matsusada Precision
Computed tomgraphy image of BGA | Matsusada Precision
X-ray image from an angle of BGA | Matsusada Precision
X-ray image of BGA void | Matsusada Precision
Computed Tomgraphy image of BGA | Matsusada Precision