Power Feeding Equipment (PFE) is a device that mainly supplies power to optical submarine cables.
PFEs provide power to optical amplifiers for long-distance communication optical fibers.

The submarine cable has a conductive section around the optical fiber center line, and the outer circumference is covered with isolation such as polyethylene. As the submarine cable length gets longer from tens to hundreds of kilometers or more, the light output gradually decreases due to losses inside the optical fiber. Therefore, optical repeaters are placed at several cable locations to amplify the optical output.

The PFE sends power to the amplifiers, but in submarine cable power transmission, the capacitance of the conductive part is very large. If an AC current is used, a voltage drop and power loss will occur. Therefore, the DC constant current method is commonly used for PFEs .

Matsusada Precision's Programmable DC High Voltage Power Supplies provide high power and versatile design for PFE.

Power Feed Equipment (PFE)
Submarine cable system with power feeding equipment
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