A magnetron is a vacuum tube device used to generate microwaves. Microwaves are a type of radio wave that vibrates molecules and can be used to heat objects. The main feature of microwaves is that they can heat objects in a clean state.

The orbits of electrons in motion are bent by magnetic fields. Using this property, a magnetron orbits electrons that have been accelerated and emitted from an external cathode. The vibrations generated by the orbiting electrons are resonated in the cavity of the anode, and are extracted as radio waves from the antenna, which are called microwaves.

Microwaves were originally developed for use in radar, but are now being applied to microwave ovens used in the home. In microwave ovens, microwaves generated by a magnetron are used for induction heating. In addition to microwave ovens, microwaves are used in light source devices in industrial fields, food drying and heating devices, etc.

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