What inspections can we do with X-ray inspection and CT scan?

X-Ray Inspection System

X-ray inspection and micro-CT scan are used for non-destructive testing in the following fields and applications.

Electrical and Electronics
electronic components, disconnects, opens, shorts, switches, capacitors, batteries, layer shift, BGA junction condition, solder, Printed circuit board (PCB)s, probes, springs, wires, semiconductors, ICs, wire bonding, lenses, connectors, cables, heaters, sensors, contactors, LEDs, lamps, motors
Metal processing fields
die casting, casting, casting nests, turbine blades, engines, welding, joining dissimilar materials, sintered parts, brazing, high-pressure vessels
Resin related fields
insert molding, containers, caps, nozzles, CFRP, molds, Static shielding bags
automotive components, pressure sensors, ultrasonic sensors, radar, cameras, engines, motors, valves, filters, injectors, tires, radiators, turbines, etc.
Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Food fields
tablets, capsules, foreign objects, bones, seeds, vegetables, fruits, insects, small animals, dental materials, and biting.
textiles, mail, luggage, forensics, art, appraisals, fossils, wood, ceramics, pottery, rubber, toys, sporting goods
Inspection items and Purpose
foreign material contamination, internal conditions, cavities, voids, soot, bubbles, mating, cracks, crazing, defects, mixing conditions, fill rate, reverse engineering

Microfocus X-ray Inspection Systems

X-Ray Inspection System