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The dedicated software does not work properly.

Product Support FAQ

If you need to correct PSS2en or CD-BC software operation, refer to the fault examples and how to deal with them.
You will also find the troubleshooting information in detail on the product instruction manual.

No communication port is displayed.
With a USB interface, you need to install the USB driver.
With the -LMi communication option, you need to install the VISA library.
I need help finding power supply devices with the port scan function.
Possible Cause
  • The main power of the power supply unit is off.
  • The COM port number is incorrect.
The communication test does not end normally.
Possible Cause
  • The main switch of the power supply unit is turned off.
  • The COM port number is incorrect.
  • The UNIT number of the power supply unit is incorrect.
  • With -LMi option, set MTP for the command and With header for the head.
The sequence programming does not execute as intended.
Possible Cause
  • The "Use" column of the sequence is OFF.
  • Operation time setting is incorrect.
  • Protection value is not set correctly.
  • The load connected to the power supply does not match its setting.
No program execution records (logs) are saved.
The "Record" field in the sequence programming settings is not checked.
Before inquiry, check below.
  • Is the fault still the same after changing the communication port?
  • Is this the same fault on other computers?

Please confirm the following information and contact us on "Inquiry for Product" page.
The details are also available in "Inquiry" in the product instruction manual.

  • Software name and Version
  • Power supply unit to be controlled (model/series)
  • Connection state of computer and power supply unit (connection port, cable, and adapter)
  • Computer manufacturer, Model name, and Operating system
  • fault Symptoms
  • Failure frequency
  • Condition file, Result files, and Communication log at the time of trouble.