Constant Wave (CW)
Constant wave is a laser where the output is generated continuously without pulsing. The wave is generally described as CW. The output of laser used for processing is expressed in W (or Watt).
Frequency (Q Switch)
In terms of CW, Q switch is used for turning on or off. The speed to turn on or off the switch is set by frequency. As the frequency is indicated as "f" and the time is displayed by "T", "f" is calculated by dividing 1 by "T". In other word, as the number of "f" gets larger, the number of "T" becomes smaller. Accordingly, the dot is printed precisely as well as finely. In contrast, the peak power is smaller following this.
Peak Power
Peak Power is determined based on the condition where the energy is stored in the medium. It is more advantageous in printing on the metal with higher peak power.