X-ray Inspection Systems (Vertical Model) Precision µX8000

  • precision µX8000 | X-ray Inspection System (Vertical Model) | Matsusada Precision
  • precision µX8000 | X-ray Inspection System (Vertical Model) | Matsusada Precision

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X-ray Inspection system

Large Stag/Detector Tilt

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"Precision µX8000" can take X-ray image of large samples. It has a largest stage size and a largest opening in our line ups of X-ray. Because the camera tilts, "Precision µX8000" is ideal for taking large circuit board and Void inspection of BGA."


  • Easy to take large samples
  • Full-stroke observation on stage
  • Detector can tilt
  • Wide opening
  • Easy to take large circuit board
  • CT


"Precision µX8000"


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Fields and Applications of X-ray Radiography Non-Destructive Testing

Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics
Tablets, Capsules, Catheters, Medical pouches, Foreign object in the face mask, Cosmetics
Automobiles and Electric Vehicles
Automotive components, Wire harness, Batteries, Molded plastic parts, Motor, Insert molded parts, Aluminum die casting, Sensor, Mating parts connection
Ball grid array (BGA), Integrated circuit (IC) chip, Connectors, Capacitors, LED, Relays, Printed circuit board (PCB), AC adapter, Light bulbs filament, Electrical cable disconnects, Discharge traces of dielectric breakdown
Advanced Materials
Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Polymers (CFRP), Insulation material, Carbon, Dissimilar material joint, Contamination in beryllium
Precision Conponents
Probe, Bearing, Mating of plastic parts, Spring position
Creatures and Plants
Laboratory rats, Seeds, Flowers, Shell, Bone, Insects, Rice
Microscopic foreign matter contamination, Voids in welding, Plastic bottle, Sealing of cans

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