Benchtop X-ray Inspections

Microfocus X-ray inspection system can observe the inside of an object in a "non-destructive" manner. We offer a wide range of models from compact, high-definition Benchtop models to large, high-transmission models so that you can choose the optimal one for your application. Our X-ray inspection equipment can be used in industrial fields such as internal inspection of batteries and capacitors, an inspection of missing BGA and wire breakage inspection, and for non-destructive inspection in medical and biological fields such as internal observation of various specimens.

For example, it can be used for inspection of parts that cannot be seen visually, such as BGA, QFN, SON, DEN, LGA, connectors used in ECUs, etc. You can use it to check for solder shorts in BGA, misalignment and size variation between BGA balls and board pads, solder shorts in SON and DFN, and solder shorts in QFN and LGA. It is used to check for solder shorts on BGAs, misalignment and size variation between BGA balls and PCB pads, solder shorts on SONs and DFNs, and misalignment of mounting positions on QFNs, LGAs, and connectors.

X-ray Inspection Systems

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