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  • PZJ-S series | Piezo driver | Matsusada Precision

PZJ-S series

Compact Piezo Driver with sensor amp.

Piezo Driver with Amplifier for Sensor

PZJ-S series are compact handy type piezo drivers equipped displacement control function. They enable linear and high-accuracy positioning by correcting hysteresis of piezo elements. Moreover, they are a driver enhanced peak power that can supply three times current of rating in order to enable displacement in high speed at pulse-driving as stage positioning.
It is possible to easily configure microscopic displacement system in combination with our piezo actuator with displacement sensor.

Features and Benefits

  • Possible to high-accuracy displacement control by a displacement sensor
  • Compact and light weight
  • Perfect for high speed positioning by the peak current of 3 times of rating
  • Usable on constant-voltage mode


Models Output Response Spead
Voltage [Vdc] Current Resistance [Ω] Sine Wave [-3dB] Rising Time *2
Imean *1
Ip ≤ 10 ms [mA]
RL Resistance Load 10 µF Load △V = 100 V 0 to Max. Voltage
PZJ-0.12BS100 -20 to +120 100 300 30 DC to 50 kHz DC to 300 Hz 0.4 ms 0.5 ms
PZJ-0.12BS300 -20 to +120 300 900 10 DC to 150 kHz DC to 900 Hz 0.2 ms 0.2 ms
PZJ-0.15PS 0 to +150 100 300 30 DC to 50 kHz DC to 300 Hz 0.4 ms 0.5 ms
PZJ-0.3PS 0 to +300 50 150 100 DC to 20 kHz DC to 75 Hz 0.8 ms 2 ms
  1. Output Current for DC is 50% of rated current.
  2. Approximate value at 1μF load. Calculated from the peak output current (possible to output within 10 ms) (Tr = C, Vp-p/Ip)
    If calculated Tr is exceeds the maximum time (10 ms) to output the peak current, to be calculated from Tr' = Tr x Ip/Imean.


You can select options according to the strain gauges to be applied. Please select resistance and quantity of strain gauges. Please no option if combine our piezo actuator.

Piezo PZJD-S Series Options

-L(230V): Input voltage 230 Vac ±10%, 50/60 Hz, Single phase

How to order

When ordering, add Option No. to Model No.


Input cable

for 115 V input, 3-pin plug
125 V/15 A
2.5 m
  • CABLE TYPE 8 Power input end
  • CABLE TYPE 8 Input plug
Sold separately
Only for -L(230V) option, flying lead
250 V/10 A
2.5 m
  • CABLE TYPE 3 Power input end
  • CABLE TYPE 3 Input plug

* please use appropriate AC cable.


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