Piezo PZJE Series

PZJE Series

Compact Bipolar Piezo Driver

High speed drive large-capacity piezo elements
broadband piezo driver
Bipolar output

Piezo PZJR Series

PZJR Series

Compact High Power Piezo Driver

High power broadband piezo drivers
Drive large capacity piezo elements
drive 1μF piezo with 9.0kHz

Piezo PZJ Series

PZJ Series

Compact / High speed

3ch piezo driving is possible
High speed response
DC bias can be set.

Piezo PZJD-0.15B Series

PZJD-0.15B Series

Pulse Output Type

high speed drive
large oscillation of -20V to +150V
peak current 50A and mean current 100mA

Piezo PZJ-S Series

PZJ-S Series

Compact Piezo Driver
with sensor amp

Displacement control is available
Compact piezo driver
with sensor amplifier

Piezo PZM-A Series

PZM-A Series

Compact Built-in Type

Output peak current is 50mA max.
High reliability Excellent low noise and compactness

Piezo PZM-0.12BS Series

PZM-0.12BS Series

Compact Built-in Type

equipped amplifier for sensors
High-accuracy closed-loop control
supply two times current of rating

Piezo PZM-B (0.3W) Series

PZM-B (0.3W) Series

On-Board Type Piezo Driver

Compact on-board type
Best fit to drive piezo positioner
Applicable to wide range capacity

Piezo PZM-B Series

PZM-B Series

On-board type Piezo Driver

Compact on-board type
Power supply plus amplifier
integrated type

Piezo PZ Series

PZ Series

Metalic Package Type

Wide liup as 40 models
Max stroke 22μm to 110μm
Max generating force 800N to 19000N

Piezo PZA Series

PZA Series

Metalic Package Type

Resolution in nano order
High speed response
Applicable to closed-loop control

Piezo PZS Series

PZS Series

Micro Stages

Resolution in nano order
High speed response
Maximum stroke 100μm

Technical Knewledge


  • Active Vibration Dampening
  • Detecting microorganisms
  • Determining cell characteristics and function
  • Diesel Fuel Injection Systems
  • Electric Vehicle (EV)
  • High Voltage Power Supply
  • Many areas of research
  • Modulating electro optics
  • Monolithic Piezo Ceramic Wafers (Single Layer Piezos)
  • Piezo Devices
  • Piezo Stack Actuators (Multilayered Ceramic Piezos)
  • Piezo Transducers
  • Piezoelectric Driver
  • Piezoelectric driving and control
  • Piezoelectric poling and driving
  • Piezoelectric vibration damping
  • Positioning
  • Pulsed Power Supplies
  • Test Equipment
  • Test Instrumentation
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