AU Series

2.2kw high power model is now available! AU: high performance high voltage power supplies - Low profile rack mount

High Voltage Power Supplies(Rack Mount/Bench Top) AU Series

Best & Long Seller of Rack-mount type HV power supplies! Maximum 2.2kW output power in this ultra low profile design

AU series is a high performance, high-reliability and high-quality DC high voltage power supply as a result of our high-voltage power technology built up over the years. High efficiency and ultra miniaturization is realized with our switching and voltage isolation technology.

With wide lineup of over 300 models and various options the best suitable model for your application can be selected from the output range of 1kV to 120kV / 30W to 2.2kW. AU series has various remote control and monitor functions as standard, and by adding digital control interface it will contribute to the extensibility for ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) system as well as to various high-voltage experiments and to evaluations of inverters and power devices. AU series is only a third to a half size of conventional power supplies and dedicated to compactness of device and saving space of facilities. Double and triple protections are added for even safer operation. With new master-slave option higher power output operation is now possible.

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AU datasheet

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Main features

Possible applications


CE mark: They correspond to Low Voltage Directive and EMC Directive.
As for CE marking, the models which have not yet acquired CE marking at present are going to acquire them in the near future.

If you need the latest information about the status of the acquisition, please contact the nearest sales office.

Output Model Safety standerds
Voltage [kV] Current [mA] Power [W] Positive output Negative output Reversible output
1 30 30 AU-1P30 AU-1N30 AU-1R30 CE mark
60 60 AU-1P60 AU-1N60 AU-1R60 CE mark
100 100 AU-1P100 AU-1N100 AU-1R100 CE mark
150 150 AU-1P150 AU-1N150 AU-1R150 CE mark
300 300 AU-1P300 AU-1N300 AU-1R300 CE mark
600 600 AU-1P600 AU-1N600 AU-1R600
1200 1200 AU-1P1200 AU-1N1200 AU-1R1200
2200 2200 AU-1P2200 AU-1N2200 AU-1R2200
1.5 400 600 AU-1.5P400 AU-1.5N400 AU-1.5R400
800 1200 AU-1.5P800 AU-1.5N800 AU-1.5R800
1460 2200 AU-1.5P1460 AU-1.5N1460 AU-1.5R1460
2 15 30 AU-2P15 AU-2N15 AU-2R15 CE mark
30 60 AU-2P30 AU-2N30 AU-2R30 CE mark
50 100 AU-2P50 AU-2N50 AU-2R50 CE mark
75 150 AU-2P75 AU-2N75 AU-2R75 CE mark
150 300 AU-2P150 AU-2N150 AU-2R150 CE mark
300 600 AU-2P300 AU-2N300 AU-2R300
600 1200 AU-2P600 AU-2N600 AU-2R600
1100 2200 AU-2P1100 AU-2N1100 AU-2R1100
3 10 30 AU-3P10 AU-3N10 AU-3R10 CE mark
20 60 AU-3P20 AU-3N20 AU-3R20 CE mark
33 100 AU-3P33 AU-3N33 AU-3R33 CE mark
50 150 AU-3P50 AU-3N50 AU-3R50 CE mark
100 300 AU-3P100 AU-3N100 AU-3R100 CE mark
200 600 AU-3P200 AU-3N200 AU-3R200
400 1200 AU-3P400 AU-3N400 AU-3R400
733 2200 AU-3P733 AU-3N733 AU-3R733
5 6 30 AU-5P6 AU-5N6 AU-5R6 CE mark
12 60 AU-5P12 AU-5N12 AU-5R12 CE mark
20 100 AU-5P20 AU-5N20 AU-5R20 CE mark
30 150 AU-5P30 AU-5N30 AU-5R30 CE mark
60 300 AU-5P60 AU-5N60 AU-5R60 CE mark
120 600 AU-5P120 AU-5N120 AU-5R120
240 1200 AU-5P240 AU-5N240 AU-5R240
440 2200 AU-5P440 AU-5N440 AU-5R440
6 5 30 AU-6P5 AU-6N5 AU-6R5 CE mark
10 60 AU-6P10 AU-6N10 AU-6R10 CE mark
16 100 AU-6P16 AU-6N16 AU-6R16 CE mark
25 150 AU-6P25 AU-6N25 AU-6R25 CE mark
50 300 AU-6P50 AU-6N50 AU-6R50 CE mark
100 600 AU-6P100 AU-6N100 AU-6R100
200 1200 AU-6P200 AU-6N200 AU-6R200
366 2200 AU-6P366 AU-6N366 AU-6R366
10 3 30 AU-10P3 AU-10N3 AU-10R3 CE mark
6 60 AU-10P6 AU-10N6 AU-10R6 CE mark
10 100 AU-10P10 AU-10N10 AU-10R10 CE mark
15 150 AU-10P15 AU-10N15 AU-10R15 CE mark
30 300 AU-10P30 AU-10N30 AU-10R30 CE mark
60 600 AU-10P60 AU-10N60 AU-10R60
120 1200 AU-10P120 AU-10N120 AU-10R120
220 2200 AU-10P220 AU-10N220 AU-10R220
15 2 30 AU-15P2 AU-15N2 AU-15R2 CE mark
4 60 AU-15P4 AU-15N4 AU-15R4 CE mark
6.6 100 AU-15P6.6 AU-15N6.6 AU-15R6.6 CE mark
10 150 AU-15P10 AU-15N10 AU-15R10 CE mark
20 300 AU-15P20 AU-15N20 AU-15R20 CE mark
40 600 AU-15P40 AU-15N40 AU-15R40
80 1200 AU-15P80 AU-15N80 AU-15R80
146 2200 AU-15P146 AU-15N146 AU-15R146
20 1.5 30 AU-20P1.5 AU-20N1.5 AU-20R1.5 CE mark
3 60 AU-20P3 AU-20N3 AU-20R3 CE mark
5 100 AU-20P5 AU-20N5 AU-20R5 CE mark
7.5 150 AU-20P7.5 AU-20N7.5 AU-20R7.5 CE mark
15 300 AU-20P15 AU-20N15 AU-20R15 CE mark
30 600 AU-20P30 AU-20N30 AU-20R30
60 1200 AU-20P60 AU-20N60 AU-20R60
110 2200 AU-20P110 AU-20N110 AU-20R110
30 1 30 AU-30P1 AU-30N1 AU-30R1 CE mark
2 60 AU-30P2 AU-30N2 AU-30R2 CE mark
3.3 100 AU-30P3.3 AU-30N3.3 AU-30R3.3 CE mark
5 150 AU-30P5 AU-30N5 AU-30R5 CE mark
10 300 AU-30P10 AU-30N10 AU-30R10 CE mark
20 600 AU-30P20 AU-30N20 AU-30R20
40 1200 AU-30P40 AU-30N40 AU-30R40
73.3 2200 AU-30P73.3 AU-30N73.3 AU-30R73.3
40 0.75 30 AU-40P0.75 AU-40N0.75 AU-40R0.75 CE mark
1.5 60 AU-40P1.5 AU-40N1.5 AU-40R1.5 CE mark
2.5 100 AU-40P2.5 AU-40N2.5 AU-40R2.5 CE mark
3.75 150 AU-40P3.75 AU-40N3.75 AU-40R3.75 CE mark
7.5 300 AU-40P7.5 AU-40N7.5 AU-40R7.5 CE mark
15 600 AU-40P15 AU-40N15 AU-40R15
30 1200 AU-40P30 AU-40N30 AU-40R30
55 2200 AU-40P55 AU-40N55 AU-40R55
50 0.6 30 AU-50P0.6 AU-50N0.6 AU-50R0.6 CE mark
1.2 60 AU-50P1.2 AU-50N1.2 AU-50R1.2 CE mark
2 100 AU-50P2 AU-50N2 AU-50R2 CE mark
3 150 AU-50P3 AU-50N3 AU-50R3 CE mark
6 300 AU-50P6 AU-50N6 AU-50R6 CE mark
12 600 AU-50P12 AU-50N12 AU-50R12
24 1200 AU-50P24 AU-50N24 AU-50R24
44 2200 AU-50P44 AU-50N44 AU-50R44
60 0.5 30 AU-60P0.5 AU-60N0.5 AU-60R0.5 CE mark
1 60 AU-60P1 AU-60N1 AU-60R1 CE mark
1.6 100 AU-60P1.6 AU-60N1.6 AU-60R1.6 CE mark
2.5 150 AU-60P2.5 AU-60N2.5 AU-60R2.5 CE mark
5 300 AU-60P5 AU-60N5 AU-60R5 CE mark
10 600 AU-60P10 AU-60N10 AU-60R10
20 1200 AU-60P20 AU-60N20 AU-60R20
36.6 2200 AU-60P36.6 AU-60N36.6 AU-60R36.6
80 0.37 30 AU-80P0.37 AU-80N0.37 AU-80R0.37 CE mark
0.75 60 AU-80P0.75 AU-80N0.75 AU-80R0.75 CE mark
1.25 100 AU-80P1.25 AU-80N1.25 AU-80R1.25 CE mark
1.87 150 AU-80P1.87 AU-80N1.87 AU-80R1.87 CE mark
3.75 300 AU-80P3.75 AU-80N3.75 AU-80R3.75 CE mark
7.5 600 AU-80P7.5 AU-80N7.5 AU-80R7.5
15 1200 AU-80P15 AU-80N15 AU-80R15
27.5 2200 AU-80P27.5 AU-80N27.5 AU-80R27.5
100 0.3 30 AU-100P0.3 AU-100N0.3 AU-100R0.3 CE mark
0.6 60 AU-100P0.6 AU-100N0.6 AU-100R0.6 CE mark
1 100 AU-100P1 AU-100N1 AU-100R1 CE mark
1.5 150 AU-100P1.5 AU-100N1.5 AU-100R1.5 CE mark
3 300 AU-100P3 AU-100N3 AU-100R3 CE mark
6 600 AU-100P6 AU-100N6 AU-100R6
12 1200 AU-100P12 AU-100N12 AU-100R12
22 2200 AU-100P22 AU-100N22 AU-100R22
120 0.25 30 AU-120P0.25 AU-120N0.25 AU-120R0.25 CE mark
0.5 60 AU-120P0.5 AU-120N0.5 AU-120R0.5 CE mark
0.83 100 AU-120P0.83 AU-120N0.83 AU-120R0.83 CE mark
1.25 150 AU-120P1.25 AU-120N1.25 AU-120R1.25 CE mark
2.5 300 AU-120P2.5 AU-120N2.5 AU-120R2.5 CE mark
5 600 AU-120P5 AU-120N5 AU-120R5
10 1200 AU-120P10 AU-120N10 AU-120R10
18.3 2200 AU-120P18.3 AU-120N18.3 AU-120R18.3

Positive, negative or reversible high voltage with respect to chassis ground.
Units from 1kV to 6kV, the polarity may be reversed by swapping the internal cables. Units from 10kV to 120kV, by swapping the internal high voltage module.


Wide range of lineup

The best output range and function from abundance of lineup of 1kV to 120kV/30W to 2.2kW, over 300 models can be selected. Therefore no need to choose a product with over output or specifications avoiding wasted investment.
AU series has -LC option for automatic switch of constant voltage/constant current modes as well as other various options such as different input voltage or slow ramp up are available.

Full of remote function

High-voltage output voltage and output current (output cut off value for standard type, and current limit value for AU with -LC option) can be controlled. Also equipped with output ON/OFF, monitor output for voltage/current and status output of high voltage is equipped and door switch is standard as a safety function.
Also interface of GPIB, RS-232C, RS-485 and USB can be added as an option for computer control.
A system integrartion with other measuring instruments or control devices can be constructed for faster testing and development. It’s easy to build a system up with the combination of our DC (low voltage) power supplies or AC power supplies.

Ultra low profile / space saving

Panel height is only 1.73” (models less than 1kV to 60kV/30W to 300W models) and 19-inch standard rack mount type. Miniaturization and high reliability that are conflicting themes for high-voltage power supplies are cleared by our high voltage insulation technology.
AU series has been receiving good reputation for applications requires space saving such as inspection system of production line, or requires combination several power supplies.

HV Power Supplies AU Series Feature

input / output cable

HV Power Supplies AU Series Input/Output cable


HV Power Supplies AU Series Functions
HV Power Supplies AU Series Remote control connector


-LStc: Constant Curreent status signal

Constant Current mode or when OCP (Over Current Protection)
activated, the open collector will turn on. (Vce > 2V)

-LStv: Constant Voltage status signal

When operation mode is Constant Voltage mode,the open collector will turn on.(Vce > 2V)

-LC :Constant voltage and constant current*2

Current regulation 0.05%
(-LC option eliminates Overload Trip function)

-LF: Floating ground (withstanding voltage of 50Vdc) *1

Used when measuring minimal current in load.
All equipments that connect to Remote Control Connector (TB1) must be on floating ground in case this feature is intended to use.
(Cannot be used for the purpose of floating high-voltage power supply.)

-LMs: Master slave control (600W, 1.2kW and 2.2kW models only) *1*2*3

Maximum of 4 slave units can be controlled with one master unit.

-LW: Slow start*1

Takes about 10 seconds to reach a set voltage from when OUTPUT switch, remote switch and remote switch are turned on.

-L (220V)

200VAC to 240VAC single phase input. (30W to 300W models only)

-L (115V)

100VAC to 120VAC single phase input. (600W models only)

-L (U)

Input voltage switch over 100VAC to 120VAC/200VAC to 240VAC single phase input.
Internal switch over. (30W to 300W models only)

-L (200V3P)

three-phase input (2200W models only)

-L (3m)

The length of HV output shielded cable is changed to 3m.

-L (5m)

The length of HV output shielded cable is changed to 5m. (only for 40kV models)

-L (7m)

The length of HV output shielded cable is changed to 7m. (only for 15kV models)

-LPs: Setting value display

The set voltage value and the set current value are displayed on the meter,while you pressing the SET button on the front panel.
(This button is attached only when -LPs option is chosen.)

*1 In case selecting -LMs option with -LF option or -LW option, all AU power supplies which connected as Master-Slave, need to equip -LF option or -LW option.

*2 In case power supply operate as cut off the output when overcurrent with Master-Slave connection, do not select -LC option for Master unit(the other options can be selected), and select -LC option for only Slave unit (the other options can be also selected together). Combinations other than above, cut off the output when overcurrent will not work.
And also, Slave unit is equipped with -LC option, therefore, if Slave unit is used indivdually, out will be either CV or CC.

*3 In case you operate power supplies with CV/CC mode under Master-Slave connection, select -LC option for Master unit and all Slave units (the other options can be also selected together). Combinations other than above, CV/CC will not work.
And also, Master unit and each Slave unit equipped with -LC option, therefore, if each unit is used individually, out will be either CV or CC.

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AU datasheet

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