EGS Series

Ultra-Compact DC Electronic Load

Electronic Loads EGS Series

Space saving and weight saving with ultra-thin 35 mm-width design

We wanted a load device that is compact enough for performing evaluation tests on small batteries or small power supply circuits. The EGS series of products are space-saving DC electronic loads that are perfect for such situations.

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Main Applications


Achieves space savings with an extremely compact, lightweight size that can be installed anywhere
Typically, only about five units fit when installing multiple units into a 19-inch rack, but 10 EGS units will fit into the same space.
Size holds a maximum of 10 units in a 19-inch, 3U-size rack Please see the RMO series page for details on this dedicated adapter.
Capable of batch control of a maximum of 16 units with the master/slave function
Can be used as a multi-channel DC electronic load.
Equipped with three operating modes
1. Constant current (CC) mode
2. Constant resistance (CR) mode
3. Constant voltage (CV) mode


Model Constant voltage (CV) mode Constant current (CC) mode Constant resistance (CR) mode
EGS75-36V 36 V 5 A 75 W
EGS75W-60V* 60 V 2 A 75 W
*Model coming soon

Digital Interface

Unified control in master/slave operation is possible in addition to USB/LAN (Ethernet) /RS-232C/RS-485/GPIB digital control.

Various types of adapters (sold separately)

A total of up to 16 units can be connected with one GP-32m.

Master/Slave Control

The operations of multiple EGS devices can be controlled from the master device. Up to 16 units can be connected.
*Not a function for increasing current by parallel connections.

Remote Switch ON/OFF

Please use a relay swich or an open coollector as the remote swich like in this figure.

LOADRelay * 1Open collector * 2
ONShortVCE 0.4 V or lower
OFFOpenVCE 2 V or higher
*Sink current 1 mA

AC Input Cable

125 V/10 A (included as Standard) 250 V/10 A 250 V/10 A


-L (Mc0.5), -L (Mc0.15): communications cable length change

GP-M cable lengths are 0.5 m and 0.15 m. (Please select one.)

How to OrderWhen you order a product, please add the above option codes to the model number.
(Example) EGS75W-36V-L (Mc0.5)

Please feel free to ask me.

Products to be used in combination

RMO Series

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