PRT Series

Capable of 3 times the previous voltage and current output within the rated output power

DC Power Supplies PRT Series

High Power DC Turbo Power Supply

The PRT series of products are DC power supplies equipped with a turbo function, enabling output voltage and current across a range three times wider than previous DC power supplies with approximately the same rated output power.

Because each model can flexibly output voltage and current within the range of its rated output power, a single one of these units can be used for a wide range of applications without the need to introduce a power supply while allowing a margin for output voltage and current.

They not only enable wide output, but also take the baseline performance of a DC power supply to an even higher level, including the adoption of power factor improvement circuits that achieve a high power factor of 0.99, a large liquid crystal display with excellent visibility, and a rotary encoder capable of speedy and accurate setting.

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PRT datasheet

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Maximum output Voltage[V] Maximum output Current[A] Maximum output Power[kW] Model
80 510 15 PRT80V510A15kW*
300 150 PRT300V150A15kW*
500 100 PRT500V100A15kW
850 53 PRT850V53A15kW*
1500 30 PRT1500V30A15kW*
*Coming soon

Output Range Graphs

Turbo function enables a wide range of voltage and current output compared to previous DC power supplies. The PRT series outputs voltage/current with in the rated output power.
PRT80V510A15kWPRT80V,510A,15kW Output Range Graph
PRT300V150A15kWPRT300v,150A,15kW Output Range Graph
PRT500V100A15kWPRT500V,100A,15kW Output Range Graph
PRT850V53A15kWPRT850V,53A,15kW Output Range Graph
PRT1500V30A15kWPRT1500V,30A,15kW Output Range Graph

Main Functions

Supports Expansion with MASTER/SLAVE Control

Capable of covering a wide output range with parallel connections of up to 10 units in total.

This is a diagram of Master/Slave connections.

  • Expandable to a total of 10 MASTER and SLAVE units combined.
  • During MASTER/SLAVE connections, values of output voltage/current for the overall unit are displayed on the output voltage/current meter of the MASTER.
    (Individual output values are not displayed on the output voltage/current meter of each SLAVE.)

Note: Always use cables with uniform thickness and length over the full length for output cables connected to the load from these devices.

Sequence Function

Equipped with programmable sequence function such as step time, step amplitude, ramp, CV/CC mode, sequence end setting, step jump, and jump count.
This allows free waveforms to be generated, enabling use for a variety of applications including testing and evaluation, and verification.

  • Step setting time 0.1 s to 3,600s
  • For one program, a maximum of up to 1,024 steps and a maximum of 16 programs can be configured and stored
  • CV/CC mode can be set for each program
  • Repetition frequency: infinite, 1 to 999

These are examples of step and ramp waves generated the sequence function.

Preset Memory Function

Equipped with memory preset function. Maintains preset values automatically when powered off. A maximum of up to three other voltage settings, current settings, power settings, and CV/CC priority settings can be saved.

CV/CC Priority Setting Function

CV (constant voltage) priority/CC (constant current) priority modes can be selected and set. At loads where resistance suddenly changes at certain points, such as diodes, current will overshoot if started in CV mode.

In the PRT series, occurrence of overshoot can be suppressed by selecting CC priority mode. The risk of damaging expensive loads such as high-power laser diodes can be reduced.

Also equipped with protection functions and front panel lock function as standard.

  • CV priority mode

    Overshoot occurs by switching from CV to CC, depending on load.

  • CC priority mode

    Always starts in CC

    *Overshoot is less likely to occur if the value is set to the lowest in the range that the CC state can keep, without releasing the voltage setting even in CC priority mode.

Main Function

Sequence Setting Input & Output/Operation Log Output via Front USB Terminal
*Expected to be supported soon

Sequence files can easily be read and logged by inserting USB memory into the front panel USB port. Sequence files can be created easily with a PC application.

Two-mode Lock Function

Can be set by choosing from two modes: “Full LOCK” to lock all front panel operation and “Normal LOCK” to lock everything except the OUTPUT ON/OFF switch.

This is a convenient function that takes into consideration safety from the customer's perspective, with “Full LOCK” mode for reliably preventing erroneous operation and “Normal LOCK” for facilitating emergency stop while preventing erroneous operation.

Emergency stop via the POWER ON/OFF switch is possible in either mode.

This is a picture of touch panel display and indicates that all controllors are locked.


Except for LOCK release, all switches, the touch panel and encoder are locked. Effective for preventing erroneous stop during remote control and completely erroneous operation.

The picture indicates controllers other than OUTPUT ON/OFF are locked.

Normal LOCK

Switches other than OUTPUT ON/OFF, the touch panel, and encoder are locked. Effective for preventing erroneous changes of output values during local control and to facilitate emergency stops.

Internal Resistance Variation Function (during CV mode)

Internal resistance is set to an arbitrary value, and a voltage drop is caused by the load current.Batteries, photovoltaic cells, and fuel cells can be simulated.

(The setting range of the internal resistance value is from 0 Ω to the rated voltage/rated current.)

This graph is a vairety of output currents with some interal resistances by this function.
Sink Current/Sink Current Prevention Function

The power supplies are equipped with a sink current function, making it possible to reduce the voltage quickly when turning off the output or when decreasing the voltage from a high setting value, thereby improving the safety of operation.
In addition, quick connections can be made after the output is turned OFF, and workpieces can be changed when conducting a series of burn-in tests.

Conversely, when supplying power to loads with capacities such as batteries and capacitors, the sink current prevention function can be used to reduce reverse current flowing from the load side to the power supply side and prevent a drop in load voltage when the output is off or when decreasing the set voltage.

*The sink current prevention function is not available in models that have an output of 850 V or higher.

Sink Current/Sink Current Prevention Function

Note: Reverse current cannot be controlled and stabilized. Connect a dummy resistor or reverse current prevention diode when load of the reverse voltage is equal to or higher than the rated voltage (inductive loads, regenerative motors, etc.).

Function Description

Front panel

This is a picture of PRT series front panel.

  • 1POWER ON/OFF switch
  • 2Settings/monitor display touch panel display
  • 3OUTPUT ON/OFF switch
  • 4Enter switch
  • 5Back switch
  • 6Setting change dial (also used as a switch)
  • 7USB terminal (Type A) for data input / output
  • 8Intake port

Rear panel

This is a picture of PRT series rear panel.

  • 9Digital interface (optional)
  • 10Master/Slave terminator switch
  • 11Master/Slave connector
  • 12Share connector terminal
  • 13- Sensing connector
  • 14+ Sensing connector
  • 15- Output bus bar
  • 16+ Output bus bar
  • 17Input connector terminal
  • 18Exhaust port
  • 19Analog remote control connector (15-pin D-sub)

Options*Expected to be supported soon

-LGob: Optical interface board *
  • -LGob: Optical interface board + 2 m optical cable
  • -LGob (Fc5): Optical interface board + 5 m optical cable
  • -LGob (Fc10): Optical interface board + 10 m optical cable
  • -LGob (Fc20): Optical interface board + 20 m optical cable
  • -LGob (Fc40): Optical interface board + 40 m optical cable

Isolation control is performed by optical communication. As complete isolation is performed by means of optical fiber, this enables advance prevention of erroneous operation comprising transient phenomena resulting from surges, inductive lightning, external noise, etc.

Please purchase a control-side optical communications adapter separately.

USB - optical converter adapter
Manufacturer: Network Supply
Model Number: GPNET opt-usbs

-LCa: CAN interface board *

Output control and operation status monitoring of these devices can be performed using CAN communications.

-LCk: CC-Link interface board *

Controlled by CC-Link from a CC-Link master device such as a PLC. Compatible with CC-Link ver1.10, and operates as a CC-Link device station. Two stations are occupied per unit, and a maximum of 32 units can be controlled.
(Please refer to materials of the CC-Link Partner Association for detailed specifications of CC-Link.)

-LEc: EtherCAT interface board *

Controlled by EtherCAT from an EtherCAT master device such as a PLC. EtherCAT is capable of various wiring layouts such as direct connection, star connection via a hub, and daisy-chain connection.

-L(400 V): Input voltage 400 V

AC input voltage is 400 V. Contact a sales representative for details, as compatibility differs by model.

* These options cannot be selected simultaneously.

Note for ordering

To order, please add the above option codes to the model number.

PRT80V510A15kW-LGob (Fc10)

Also compatible with Modbus communications via RS-232C/485. Contact a sales representative for details.

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PRT datasheet

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