High power 15kW in compact rack-mount size DC power supplies

DC Power Supplies REK/REKJ Series

"Compact" "High power" "Multi-function" DC programmable power supplies with superior operability

REK series are High Power / Versatile DC programmable power supplies that realize Max. 2.5kW by 1U (= 1.73-inch/44mm) height, Max. 5.5kW by 2U (= 3.5-inch/89mm) height, Max.15.3kW by 3U (= 5.24-inch/133mm) height. REK series are designed to achieve excellent power factor as good as 0.99 (*1), their high efficiency helps to reduce environmental burden. Adopting low noise switching technology, REK series have long supported laboratory, R&D, experiment works as it carries useful functions such as Delay trigger, Sequence operation (*2), Memory function and Locking function to protect operation mistake.REK series has standard built-in digital interface (*3) such as LAN (Ethernet *4) and USB, which can help to establish automatic measuring system or production machine master control system.

*1: In single phase input models.
*2: Optional
*3: Adaptors or options will be needed additionally.
*4: Ethernet is a registered trademark of Xerox corporation.

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CE mark:13kW to 1.6kW models correspond to Low Voltage Directive. 2.4kW and 2.5kW models correspond to Low Voltage Direvctive.
    The models which has not yet acquired CE marking at present is going to acquire it in future.
    Please refer for the latest acquisition situation to our sales office.
    In addition, the model which attached -LEt option, -LMi option or -L (400V) / -L (3P) /-L (1P) option is out of CE marking acquisition object.

 * These models are coming soon.
  The date of delivery is different from other models, so please contact our sales office for the details.

Output Model CE marking
acquisition situation
Voltage [V] Current [A] Power [kW]
0 to 6 0 to 130 780W REKJ6-130
0 to 220 1.3 REK6-220 CE mark
0 to 310 1.9 REK6-310
0 to 530 3.2 REK6-530
0 to 8 0 to 300 2.4 REK8-300
0 to 600 4.8 REK8-600
0 to 1000 8 REK8-1000 *
0 to 10 0 to 80 800W REKJ10-80
0 to 150 1.5 REK10-150 CE mark
0 to 240 2.4 REK10-240 CE mark
0 to 340 3.4 REK10-340
0 to 510 5.1 REK10-510
0 to 1000 10 REK10-1000
0 to 1200 12 REK10-1200
0 to 15 0 to 54 810W REKJ15-54
0 to 100 1.5 REK15-100 CE mark
0 to 160 2.4 REK15-160 CE mark
0 to 227 3.4 REK15-227
0 to 340 5.1 REK15-340
0 to 800 12 REK15-800
0 to 20 0 to 40 800W REKJ20-40
0 to 80 1.6 REK20-80 CE mark
0 to 125 2.5 REK20-125 CE mark
0 to 170 3.4 REK20-170
0 to 260 5.2 REK20-260
0 to 420 8.4 REK20-420 *
0 to 500 10 REK20-500
0 to 600 12 REK20-600
0 to 30 0 to 27 810W REKJ30-27
0 to 53 1.6 REK30-53 CE mark
0 to 84 2.5 REK30-84 CE mark
0 to 115 3.5 REK30-115
0 to 180 5.4 REK30-180
0 to 280 8.4 REK30-280 *
0 to 333 10 REK30-333
0 to 400 12 REK30-400
0 to 35 0 to 45 1.6 REK35-45 CE mark
0 to 72 2.5 REK35-72 CE mark
0 to 100 3.5 REK35-100
0 to 155 5.4 REK35-155
0 to 36 0 to 22 790W REKJ36-22
0 to 40 0 to 20 800W REKJ40-20
0 to 210 8.4 REK40-210 *
0 to 250 10 REK40-250
0 to 300 12 REK40-300
0 to 45 0 to 18 810W REKJ45-18
0 to 35 1.6 REK45-35 CE mark
0 to 55 2.5 REK45-55 CE mark
0 to 78 3.5 REK45-78
0 to 120 5.4 REK45-120
0 to 60 0 to 13.5 810W REKJ60-13.5
0 to 26 1.6 REK60-26 CE mark
0 to 42 2.5 REK60-42 CE mark
0 to 60 3.6 REK60-60
0 to 90 5.4 REK60-90
0 to 140 8.4 REK60-140 *
0 to 170 10.2 REK60-170
0 to 250 15 REK60-250
0 to 80 0 to 10 800W REKJ80-10
0 to 20 1.6 REK80-20 CE mark
0 to 31 2.5 REK80-31 CE mark
0 to 45 3.6 REK80-45
0 to 68 5.4 REK80-68
0 to 110 8.8 REK80-110 *
0 to 130 10.4 REK80-130
0 to 190 15.2 REK80-190
0 to 100 0 to 16 1.6 REK100-16 CE mark
0 to 25 2.5 REK100-25 CE mark
0 to 36 3.6 REK100-36
0 to 55 5.5 REK100-55
0 to 85 8.5 REK100-85 *
0 to 100 10 REK100-100
0 to 150 15 REK100-150
0 to 120 0 to 6.6 790W REKJ120-6.6
0 to 125 0 to 65 8.1 REK125-65 *
0 to 80 10 REK125-80
0 to 120 15 REK125-120
0 to 150 0 to 10 1.5 REK150-10 CE mark
0 to 16.6 2.5 REK150-16.6 CE mark
0 to 24 3.6 REK150-24
0 to 36 5.4 REK150-36
0 to 55 8.3 REK150-55 *
0 to 70 10.5 REK150-70
0 to 100 15 REK150-100
0 to 160 0 to 5 800W REKJ160-5
0 to 200 0 to 8 1.6 REK200-8 CE mark
0 to 12.5 2.5 REK200-12.5 CE mark
0 to 18 3.6 REK200-18
0 to 27 5.4 REK200-27
0 to 42 8.4 REK200-42 *
0 to 52 10.4 REK200-52
0 to 75 15 REK200-75
0 to 250 0 to 3.2 800W REKJ250-3.2
0 to 22 5.5 REK250-22
0 to 34 8.5 REK250-34 *
0 to 42 10.5 REK250-42
0 to 60 15 REK250-60
0 to 300 0 to 5.3 1.6 REK300-5.3 CE mark
0 to 8.3 2.5 REK300-8.3 CE mark
0 to 12 3.6 REK300-12
0 to 18 5.4 REK300-18
0 to 28 8.4 REK300-28 *
0 to 35 10.5 REK300-35
0 to 50 15 REK300-50
0 to 350 0 to 2.2 770W REKJ350-2.2
0 to 400 0 to 22 8.8 REK400-22 *
0 to 26 10.4 REK400-26
0 to 38 15.2 REK400-38
0 to 500 0 to 1.6 800W REK500-1.6
0 to 3.2 1.6 REK500-3.2 CE mark
0 to 5 2.5 REK500-5 CE mark
0 to 7 3.5 REK500-7
0 to 11 5.5 REK500-11
0 to 17 8.5 REK500-17 *
0 to 20 10 REK500-20
0 to 30 15 REK500-30
0 to 600 0 to 2.7 1.6 REK600-2.7 CE mark
0 to 4.1 2.5 REK600-4.1 CE mark
0 to 6 3.6 REK600-6
0 to 9 5.4 REK600-9
0 to 14 8.4 REK600-14 *
0 to 18 10.8 REK600-18
0 to 25 15 REK600-25
0 to 650 0 to 1.2 780W REKJ650-1.2
0 to 2.5 1.6 REK650-2.5
0 to 3.8 2.5 REK650-3.8
0 to 5.5 3.6 REK650-5.5
0 to 8.5 5.5 REK650-8.5
0 to 13 8.5 REK650-13 *
0 to 16 10.4 REK650-16
0 to 23 15 REK650-23
0 to 850 0 to 10 8.5 REK850-10 *
0 to 12 10.2 REK850-12
0 to 18 15.3 REK850-18 *
0 to 1000 0 to 15 15 REK1000-15 *
0 to 1500 0 to 10 15 REK1500-10

Standard function

Sink Current / Sink Current Prevention Function

REK series features function to sink current , and enable to decrease the voltage quickly when turning off the output or when control the voltage down, which increase the safety of operation. In case that continuous aging test in short interval, quick voltage fall time increase the efficiency of process. On the contrary by using sink current prevention function, it is possible to prevent voltage drop on the load by decreasing the current flow from load to power supply when turning off the power supply or when decrease the output voltage.

It is not possible to stabilize the output by controlling back current. In case of load which has inverse voltage or over rated voltage, such as inductive load or regenerative motor, protect the power supply by adding dummy resister or diode to prevent back current.

DC Power Supplies REK Series Sink current function

Multi Setting Function

Function to memorize 3 different voltage and current settings in addition to standard preset function.
No need to adjust the output when different setting, and convenient function for production inspection process or testing which require frequent data taking.

DC Power Supplies REK Series Multi setting function

Two Mode Lock Function

Function to select two different lock modes for two different purposes."Full Lock" locks all the functions on front panel, and "Normal Lock" locks all the functions except for ON/OFF switch. "Full Lock" mode shall be good in case mis-operation have to be completely avoided, and "Normal Lock" mode shall be good in case to avoid mis-operation but secure the way for emergency stop of power supply. You can select the best mode according to your level of "Security".
(In both modes, emergency stop is possible with Power Switch.)

DC Power Supplies REK Series Two mode lock function

Delay Trigger Function

In case -LUs1,-LEt or -LGob option is selected, only one unit of REK series can be used.

Function to delay the OUTPUT ON / OFF time. It is possible to use in case single unit of RKT series is used, and also when connecting several Matsusada power supplies(*1) using master-slave connection terminal(*2) and output voltage / output current are set individually, delay trigger function can be used.(*3)

*1 : R4K-36 series, R4K-80 series, RK-80 series, RK series, TB series and RKT series.
Detail catalog for each model is available. Please contact nearby sales office.
*2 : Can be connected up to 16pcs.
*3 : Only for slave-local. In case of slave remote control, exact same model of power supply need to be used. Also, in case of slave-local, each output voltage and current can be set individually. In case of slave-remote, output voltage and current can be set with one-control function which -each slave unit follows the master unit setting.

DC Power Supplies REK Series Delay trigger function

Dual Tracking, Multiple Outputs

Dual tracking control, which enables both positive and negative outputs simultaneously in master slave operation, is possible. Multi outputs and various versatile operations are also possible by combining above dual tracking control and slave local mode. Positive and negative output(+V, -V) of dual tracking control and set output voltage of slave local mode can be output simultaneously by turning on the master unit.

*Please refer to P.10 for detail connection.

DC Power Supplies REK Series Dual tracking

Connection and Remote control

Digital Interface

In addition to digital control with LAN (Ethernet), USB, RS-232C, RS-485 and GPIB, one control is enabled in master-slave operation.

DC Power Supplies REK Series Digital interface

Master / Slave Control

One-control on local in parallel is enabled up to 16 units with master-slave operation

This is not a function for parallelly connected power supplies to give out average outputcurrent.

It has to hook with each same model in the same series in master-slave. (at Slave Remote at Delayed Trigger. see page 4 "Delayed Trigger Function")

DC Power Supplies REK Series Master slave

Digital Contol Function

DC Power Supplies REK Series Digital control function

Remote Switch ON / OFF

DC Power Supplies REK Series Remote switch

Remote sensing

DC Power Supplies REK Series Remote sensing

Remote Control

DC Power Supplies REK Series Remote control 1DC Power Supplies REK Series Remote control 2


DC Power Supplies REK Series REK functions

DC Power Supplies REK Series REKJ Functions


-LMiMulti-digital interface *

Digital control by LAN(Ethernet), USB (USBTMC) and RS-485(Multidrop) is available. (These simultaneous use is impossible. And, RS-485 supports only FULL DUPLEX communications.)This option includes -L(SCPI) option, and attaches IVI driver corresponding to SCPI command. It makes it easy for control program development with various programming languages such as LabView, VisualBasic and C# etc.

The model with these options does not have CE marking.

DC Power Supplies REK Series Multi digital interface

-LUs1USB Interface Board *
-LEtEthernet Interface Board *

The models with USB or LAN interface integrate it with -LMi option model. But the conventional -LUs1 option and -LEt option models continue the production, too. Please refer to our sales office for details.

-LGobOptical Interface Board *

-LGob : Optical interface board + optical cable 2m
-LGob(Fc5) : Optical interface board + optical cable 5m
-LGob(Fc10) : Optical interface board + optical cable 10m
-LGob(Fc20) : Optical interface board + optical cable 20m
-LGob(Fc40) : Optical interface board + optical cable 40m

Optical communication offers insulation control. It is to prevent malfunction such as transient phenomenon by surge, lightning induction, and exogenous noise.

DC Power Supplies REK Series Optical interface board

-L(SCPI)SCPI command

Enable control via SCPI command.

-L(400V),-L(3P),-L(1P)Input voltage / phase

The model with these options does not have CE marking.

-LDePulse / Ramp sequence, Master follow function

A. Pulse Sequence
Using the stored voltage and current setting in each memory of a, b and c and multi set function, sequence operation is possible. The setting of repetition to say nothing of a continuous driving can be set. Various different operations, such as repetition of memory a and b or b ,c and off, are possible by setting the set time of memory a, b, c, and / or off to be 0.0. Thus, it makes this model suitable for evaluation test or other applications.

DC Power Supplies REK Series Pulse sequence

B. Ramp
This function controls the ramping up and down the voltage and current to the set value (or from set voltage and current value to 0V / 0A). It is convenient to increase(decrease) the voltage and current value slowly.

*The Ramp sequence can be selected from [both set voltage and current], [only set voltage], and [only set current].
* Master follow function cannot be used with -LGob, -LUs1, and -LEt option.
*The Ramp sequence can be selected from [both set voltage and current], [only set voltage], and [only set current].

DC Power Supplies REK Series Ramp

C. Combination of Pulse and Ramp Sequence
Features of pulse sequence operation and ramp sequence operation can be combined for more convenient operation. In addition, by adding multi set function, sequence operation can be operated using stored voltage and current settings in each memory. The setting of repetition to say nothing of a continuous driving can be set. For example it is possible to slowly ramp up and down the voltage and current to the three different settings, and so, it is useful on various scenes.

DC Power Supplies REK Series Pulse ramp sequence

D. Master follow
When the pulse sequence operation and the ramp work master-slave, the output signal to the slave unit is transmitted. The slave unit can be output in an output status different from the master unit.

* Master follow function cannot be used with -LGob, -LUs1, and -LEt option.
* The Ramp sequence can be selected from [both set voltage and current], [only set voltage], and [only set current].

DC Power Supplies REK Series Master follow

Note The operation accuracy of the timer when sequensing is 0.5%. Be careful when you use it by the long-term running operation.

-L(Mc0.5),-L(Mc0.15) *Communication cable extension

The length of CO-M cable will be 0.5-meter long 0.15-meter long. (You can choose only either.)

DC Power Supplies REK Series AC input cable

* : These options cannot be selected together. Only one of each can be selected.
Also, please see the CO series catalog for detail of function of digital interface.

How to OrderWhen ordering, suffix the above option number to the model number.
(Alphabetical, AC input numeral order)

Operation example

REK series of same model number can be connected in series or parallel to increase output voltage or current. In that case, local control or the control in the digital master slave is recommended.
Because the common of the outside input/output control connector (TB1) is connected to the negative output, please do not connect common more than two.

Technical Notes

Connection ・ Operation

Connection of load

  • Please use a short lead wire that is sufficiently thick for the connection.
  • Please use PVC electric cable (105°C) that can fully tolerate the voltage used. It is necessary to consider current capacity, length limit of output wire by sensing (0.5V /lead) and so on for wiring with load. Please refer to the following diagram to determine the thickness of cable.

DC Power Supplies REK Series Connection of load

Parallel connection of load

DC Power Supplies REK Series Parallel connection of load

Definition of specifications

Specifications in this catalog, except otherwise specified, refer to values when maximum rating output (full scale*) after 2-hour warm up.

Applicable scope of specifications
"F.S × catalog value(*)" is applied for ripple, stability, regulations and temperature coefficient, and "value if F.S × ±1%(*)" is applied for high-voltage output linearity, monitor linearity and display linearity, both in the range of 10% to 100% of maximum rating output.

DC Power Supplies REK Series Applicable scope

Indication is in rms that includes high-frequency noise.

Preset value does not show the actual output status accurately. If you need an accurate setting, conduct actual output without load and set a voltage. Also for setting current, conduct output after shorting the output terminal and gradually raise current before setting at a desired value.

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