R4G Series

R4G series are ultra low noise DC power supplies with series regulator system

DC Power Supplies R4G Series

Realized Ultra low Noise with Series Regulator System

R4G series are series regulator system high accuracy and ultralow noise DC power supplies so that enabled setting and reading out more fine output with a 4 digits indicator and a high resolution D/A and A/D convertor adapted newly. Not only Overvoltage protection but also Overcurrent protection is included as standard equipment, and moreover digital communication function is available. They are applicable to wide range from experiment to automation line.

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Feature & Outline

Application as these...


Maximum output Model
Voltge [V] Current [A] Power [W]
6 2 12 P4L6-2
8 5 40 P4L8-5
18 2 36 P4L18-2
3 54 P4L18-3
5 90 P4L18-5
10 180 P4L18-10
36 1 36 P4L36-1
3 108 P4L36-3
5 180 P4L36-5
45 2 90 P4L45-2 *
4 180 P4L45-4 *
60 1.2 72 P4L60-1.2
80 1 80 P4L80-1
120 0.3 36 P4L120-0.3
0.6 72 P4L120-0.6
160 0.45 72 P4L160-0.45
250 0.3 75 P4L250-0.3
360 0.2 72 P4L360-0.2
650 0.1 65 P4L650-0.1
* They are coming soon.
The date of delivery is different from other models, so please contact our sales office for the details.

Explanation for Functions

DC Power Supplies R4G Series Functions

Standard Functions

Remote Control
  • Output Control

    DC Power Supplies R4G Series Output control

  • Output Monitor

    DC Power Supplies R4G Series Output monitor

* Output control external signal should not be grounded but floating potential. + output terminal and common become same potential. Power supply cannot be controlledor could be damaged if common is grounded via way of customer's equipment.
Please be aware that external control voltage signal could accidentally be connected to the ground of other equipment in case, for example, multi-channel, non-isolated PLC is in use.

Output of Status
COMMON is floating with the output of Open Collector for each COMMON.
Isolation voltage 30Vdc, Sink Current 5mA

DC Power Supplies R4G Series Output of status

Remote Switch ON/OFF
  • Sink current 1mA
  • Logic of OUTPUT can be made reverse.

DC Power Supplies R4G Series Remote switch

Parallel Operation by One Control

One master unit can control several slave units that are parallel connected.
It is possible to increase output current by connecting more than 2 units of the same model power supply in parallel.

DC Power Supplies R4G Series Parallel operation

Remote Sensing

Prevent to degrade stability due to voltage drop (Vo-VL) by resistance (R) in output wiring or contact resistance. (up to 0.5V)
(Except R4G360-0.2, R4G650-0.1)

DC Power Supplies R4G Series Remote sensing

AC Input Cable

DC Power Supplies R4G Series AC input cable

Digital Control Function (at selected various optional digital interface)

DC Power Supplies R4G Series Digital control function

Examples of Applied Operation

R4G can be enhanced in its output voltage or current by hooking the same type of units in series or parallel.
And one control parallel operation or digital master-slave with optional -LGmb is possible. Do not connect together COMMON of two and more units because the COMMON of the connector for external input and output control (TB1) is connected to +output (in case of optional -LNcn selected, -output).


NEW-LCkCC-Link Interface Board *1

CC-Link master unit such as PLC can control power supplies with CC-Link compatible with CC-Link ver1.10, possible to operate as CC-Link device station.One unit occupies 2 stations, maximum 32 units can be controllable. Please refer to CC-Link association web for CC-Link detail.

DC Power Supplies R4G Series CC-Link

NEW-LEcEtherCAT Interface Board *1

EtherCAT master unit such as PLC can control power supplies with EhterCAT.
EtherCAT can be directly connected, star connection via Hub, or daisy chain connection is also possible.

DC Power Supplies R4G Series EtherCAT

NEW-LMiMulti digital interface (coming soon) *1

Digital control by LAN (Ethernet), USB (USBTMC) and RS-485 (Multidrop) is available. (These simultaneous use is impossible. And, RS-485 supports only FULL DUPLEX communications.) This option includes -L (SCPI) option, and attaches IVI driver corresponding to SCPI command. It makes it easy for control program development with various programming languages such as LabView, VisualBasic and C# etc.

-LGobOptical Interface Board *1 *2

-LGob: Optical Interface board + Optical cable 2m
-LGob(Fc5) : Optical Interface board + Optical cable 5m
-LGob(Fc10) : Optical Interface board + Optical cable 10m
-LGob(Fc20) : Optical Interface board + Optical cable 20m
-LGob(Fc40) : Optical Interface board + Optical cable 40m

Insulation control is made with optical communication.
As perfect insulation is made by optical fiber it is able to forestall miss operation as transient phenomenon caused by surge, dielectric thunder or foreign noise, etc.

DC Power Supplies R4G Series Optical Interface board

It is highly encouraged to select -LGob option for use under following conditions.

  • Environment with much electrical noise. (Ex. Motors or coils are used nearby power supply or load)
  • Used in high voltage floating. (250 V and higher)
  • Our power supply and controller (PC or PLC) can not be installed within 2m.
-LGmbDigital Interface Board *1 *2

-LGmb : Digital Interface board + CO-M cable 2m
-LGmb (Mc0.15) : Digital Interface board + CO-M cable 0.15m
-LGmb (Mc0.5) : Digital Interface board + CO-M cable 0.5m

Digital control via LAN (Ethernet), USB, RS-232C, RS-485 and GPIB are possible. And, one control in master-slave operation is enabled. (Ethernet is the registered trademark of Xerox CO., Ltd.)

DC Power Supplies R4G Series Digital interface board

Please select -LGob, if use them under environment with much electrical noise.
Up to 16 units ban be hooked on Master-slave function. (Same model units are hooked. No adapter is required.)

-LUs1USB Interface Board *1 *2

Digital Control is enabled via USB.

It is possible to hook 1 unit per 1 USB port equipped on a personal computer.
If number of USB ports equipped on the PC to be used is in lacking, use a USB hub. But there is a case that the hub is not operated correctly.

OS for Personal Computers : Microsoft Windows Xp / Vista / 7 / 8
Both of 32 bits and 64 bits are applicable

Microsoft and Windows are registered brands of Microsoft Corp. in USA and other.

-LRsRS-232C Interface Board *1 *2

Digital Control is enabled via RS-232C.

It is possible to hook 1 unit per 1 COM port equipped on a personal computer.

-LNcn- COMMON *3

It changes + COMMON for control and monitor voltage to - COMMON.
Potential of -COMMON is the same one of output terminals.

DC Power Supplies R4G Series COMMON

-L (120V), -L (200V), -L (220V), -L (240V)

It is applicable to above input voltages other than standard 115VAC.

*1 : Either one of these options is selectable.
*2 : For the detail function of optical interface, USB interface, RS-232C interface and digital interface, please refer to the catalogue of digital controller CO series.
*3 : Only for models of its maximum output voltage 120V and lower

How to orderPlease suffix above optional codes on the tall of Model NO.
R4G18-2-LGob(Fc10)(220V) R4G120-0.6-LEcNcn(240V)
AC input volt. is to be the tail.


Connection and Application Operation

Connection of Loads

  • Connect short with leads of sufficient thickness.
  • Use PVC wire (105ºC) which endure enough to applied voltage. Consideration of ampacity and limitation for lead wire length by sensing (0.5V) requires for wiring to the load.

DC Power Supplies R4G Series Connection of load

Paralleling of Loads

DC Power Supplies R4G Series Paralleling of load

Conception of Specification

Unless other wise specified, specifications on this catalogue are of values at max. rated output (full scale) after 2 hours warming-up.

Applied range of specifications
Ripple, Stability, Variations and Temp. coefficient are applied "F.S x Catalogue Value" and Linearity of output, Linearity of monitor, Linearity of indications are applied "F.S x value of ±0.5% (*)" at the applied range of 10100% of maximum rated output.

DC Power Supplies R4G Series Applied range

Indication is in rms includhigh-frequency noise.

Preset value does not indicate exactly actual output state. If require exact setting, set voltage value by making actually output in no-load.
For current, set current value by making gradually current rise in shorted terminals of output.


The sequence software for power supplies and electronic loads

PSS2en is the dedicated software which can actuate various power supplies, electronic loads and digital controller for power supplies manufactured by Matsusada Precision Inc. with simple set up. It is the perfect for the aging test, the burn-in test and the withstand voltage test for electronic parts, and for the endurance test, intermittent / continuous operation test or various simulation test for electric component of automobile.


1.Set-up test condition

Make-up test conditions like as setting the power supplies or action sequence and so on.
Number of settable sequence pattern is max.16, it is possible to set various test conditions fitted the target like as selection of the action mode and setting of any protection function, etc.

DC Power Supplies R4G Series Set-up test condition

2.Execution of Test

It is possible to test each group setup.
On the operation display, it is possible to monitor on the one screen required information like as sequence, the status of the thermostatic chamber and the power supply, and voltage / current at testing. Also when execute in parallel plural group, it is possible to monitor these status together.

DC Power Supplies R4G Series Execution of test

3.Confirmation of Measured Data

It is possible the test data completed.
It is possible to confirm values of each sequence, the individual graph or the packaged graph. Also it is possible to output measured data with CSV style and then to sum up or analyze them with the spreadsheet software.

DC Power Supplies R4G Series Confirmation of measured data

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R4G Product Catalog

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