DJOP Series

DJOP series are four-quadrant bipolar power supplies which source and sink electric power.

Amplifier DJOP Series

Four-quadrant fast response bipolar power supplies

DJOP series are four-quadrant bipolar power supplies which source and sink electric power. They can be used in 2-mode of a CV (constant voltage) or a CC (constant current). Thanks to the original design, phenomenal light weight and compact size power supply, which is 140mm width, and weigh 3kg has been achieved. They are ultra compact and high speed, driving output propor-tional to the input waveform such as a sine wave, triangular wave, saw wave, and square wave. All the models are completely solid-state with output voltage between ±10 V to ± 60 V.
DJOP series is most appropriate for evaluation test such as solar panels, the instruments driven by battery and the IC which control battery.

Even faster model, DOS series, amplifier with function generator, DOPF series, or more high power model, DOP series, are available. Contact to local sales office for details.

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DJOP datasheet

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Frequncy bandwidth
-10 to + 10 -5 to + 5 DC to 30
-20 to + 20 -3 to + 3 DC to 30
-30 to + 30 -2 to + 2 DC to 30
-60 to + 60 -1 to + 1 DC to 30


OVP (Over voltage protection)

DJOP series is equipped with over voltage protection, which protects load by limiting voltage up to approx. 120% of the rated output voltage even at abnormal conditions.

OCP (Over current protection)

DJOP series is also equipped with over current protection, which protects power supplies and load by limiting current up to approx. 120% of the rated output current.

High speed over current protection

DJOP series is provided with 2 types of over current protections, high speed over current protection to limit the pulse current, and standard over current protection to limit the static current.
The standard over current protection limits the static current, responding at around 1ms. Additional high speed over current protection can limit pulse current of square waveforms or from capacitor at approx. 2 times more current of rating.

Amplifier DJOP Series Over current protection

Output range

DJOP series is a bipolar power supply which can perform four-quadrant operation. They can supply (source) and absorb (sink) current in the field of the drawing on the right.

Amplifier DJOP Series Output range


Amplifier DJOP Series Functions

AC input cable

Amplifier DJOP Series AC input cable

Characteristic of amplifier

Rise time

(Stepping time): The response time is sometimes described by the rise time (as shown in the drawing on the right). The rise time of an amplifier at a response speed of (= frequency bandwidth) Fc (Hz) is generally acquired by "tr ≒ 0.35/fc." Fall time tf is the same as tr.
Frequency bandwidth
: at 30kHz or lower, tr = tf = around 12 μs

Amplifier DJOP Series Rise time

Response speed

When accurate output waveforms are required, select a amplifier with a frequency bandwidth higher enough than the operating frequency.
In case of using sine waves, 3 to 5 times more frequency bandwidth is required, and around 10times more in case of square waves in general. Inadequate bandwidth causes not only decrease in the output amplitude but much difference between the input and output phases. Therefore operating the product while monitoring the actual output waveforms is recommended.

Amplifier DJOP Series Response speed

Capacitative load

Capacitative load may cause oscillation.
In such cases, placed a power resistance in series with the output.
Be careful that the frequency bandwidth is limited depending on the resistance and capacitance placed in series when capacitative load.

Inductive load

Some inductance of inductive load may cause resonance in CC mode.
In such cases, connect a C-R series circuit between output terminals to prevent resonance.

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DJOP datasheet

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