Bench Top Type

High power Multifunction AC Power Sources in unparalleled compact size.

AC Power Sources DRS Series

DRS Series

Ultra compact /

output voltage:0 to 310 V
output power:0 to 2 kVA
output current:0 to 20 A
Simple operations and easy activation
Multifunction and high power
in unparalleled compact size

AC Power Sources DRJE Series

DRJE Series

Desktop Multifunction
AC Power Supply

output voltage:0 to 300V
output power:0 to 400VA
output current:0 to 500VA
high baseline performance
outstanding cost performance
Capable of a wide range of outputs

AC Power Sources DRJ Series

DRJ Series

AC power supply
Desk-top size

output voltage:0 to 300V
output power:0 to 500VA
output current:0 to 5A
Overwhelming compact size
AC / DC dual output
Worldwide input

Rack Mount Type

Versatile well-regulated AC Power Source with realized compact size, fitting into 19 inches rack size of 4U, even though high power models of 4kVA.

AC Power Sources DRK Series

DRK Series

High power/Multi-function
output voltage:0 to 300VAC
output power:0 to 8kVA
output current:0 to 80A
Low profile
High power of 2kVA, 4kVA
Compact size

Technical Knewledge


  • AC or DC biasing
  • AC to AC power supply
  • Aerospace P.S. simulation 440Hz
  • Automated or computer controlled systems
  • Automatic test equipment or automated test equipment (ATE)
  • Electric Vehicle (EV)
  • Many areas of research
  • Motor
  • Portable Battery Powered Devices
  • Test Equipment
  • Test Instrumentation
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