• XPg series
  • XPg series


  • For Anode ground X-ray tubes
  • Voltage range: -30 to -160kV
  • Power: 600 to 4000W
  • Integrated Floating AC Filament Supply


XPg series is high stability and low ripple negative output X-ray power source with floating AC filament supplies and generates stable X-ray output. We have equipped this high voltage power supply for X-ray tubes with interlocks and other convenient features to make it safer and more convenient to use. In combination with the digital controller CO/USB series, control via LAN, USB, GPIB, RS-232C, and RS-485 is available.


  • High voltage power supplies designed for X-ray tubes used in X-ray Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and X-Ray Diffraction (XRD)
  • Up to 4 kW output power models are also available.
  • for Anode ground type X-ray tube
  • Integrated floating AC filament supply
  • Low ripple and high stability
  • Digital interface
  • Constant voltage/Current operation with full protection for safety operation
  • Custom X-ray control option available
  • OEM customization availabble



X-ray tubes for non-destructive inspection, X-Ray diffraction (XRD) glass tubes, Ceramics X-ray tube, X-Ray diffraction (XRD) tubes, Shielded X-ray tube, Glass X-ray tube, Beryllium window X-ray tube, XRF X-ray tube, Liquid-cooled X-ray tubes.
About X-ray tubes and high-voltage power supplies


Model Output
Voltage Current Power
XPg-30N20 -30 kV 20 mA 600 W
XPg-30N40 40 mA 1200 W
XPg-40N15 -40 kV 15 mA 600 W
XPg-40N30 30 mA 1200 W
XPg-50N12 -50 kV 12 mA 600 W
XPg-50N24 24 mA 1200 W
XPg-60N10 -60 kV 10 mA 600 W
XPg-60N20 20 mA 1200 W
XPg-60N50 50 mA 3000 W
XPg-60N67 67 mA 4000 W
XPg-100N6 -100 kV 6 mA 600 W
XPg-100N10 10 mA 1000 W
XPg-160N4 -160 kV 4 mA 640 W
XPg-160N8 8 mA 1280 W
XPg-160N12 12 mA 1920 W
XPg-160N15 15 mA 2400 W
XPg-160N20 20 mA 3200 W


For details, download the datasheet below.

Connection with X-ray tube

Below diagram shows the connection of power supply and X-ray tube.

Standard type

Connection with X-ray tube | Standard type | XPg series | X-ray power supply Module (Chassis Mount) | Matsusada Precision

-LDf option (Dual filament) type

Connection with X-ray tube | -LDf option type type | XPg series | X-ray power supply Module (Chassis Mount) | Matsusada Precision *Wrong connection could cause failure or malfunction. Make sure the filament connection with your X-ray tube when ordering.



Dual filament
Large focus spot, small focus spot is selectable


Interlock remote reset, Output state auto-recovery prevention remote reset (former: power failure prevention remote reset)


100 Vac to 120 Vac single phase
(600 W model and 640 W model)


200 Vac single phase
(3000 W model)

How to Order

When ordering, add Option No. to Model No. in the alphabetical and input voltage order.
<Example> XPg-30N20-LDf, XPgR-60N50-LT1(200V1P)


Output Cable
Sold separately
for 30 kV to 60 kV
CNF-75-3P(5) CNF-75-3P
(with Federal standard 75 kV 3-pin plug on both ends)
5 meters
Sold separately
for 30 kV to 60 kV
CNF-75-3P(10) 10 meters
Sold separately
for 100 kV, 160 kV
CNXP-160-3P(5) CNXP-160-3P
(European standard R24 plugs on both ends)
5 meters
Sold separately
for 100 kV, 160 kV
CNXP-160-3P(10) 10 meters

For more details, refer to CN series.

Digital remote control adapter

LAN / USB / RS-232C / RS-485 / GPIB Control

To remotely control this high-voltage power supply via LAN or USB, purchase both an digital converter (CO-HV) and optical isolation adapter. The digital converter (CO-HV) converts the analog control signal of the high-voltage power supply into a digital optical signal. The optical isolation adapter converts interface signals such as LAN and USB to optical signals.

For details, check the CO / USB series for a digital converter (CO-HV) and optical isolation adapter.

  • Optical isolation
  • 16-bit (1/65535) high-resolution A / D .
  • Computer and PLC controlled.
  • Protecting from discharge and surge.
  • Ideal for automation and labor-saving systems.
Refer to CO/USB series
CO/USB series | Digital controllers | Matsusada Precision


For details, download the datasheet below.


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