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  • AUH series | High Voltage power supply Rack mount | Matsusada Precision

Rack mount type
High voltage power supply

Ultra high voltage of 200kV model is now available!

Ultra high voltage models of 150kV to 200kV debuts at 19-inch size!

AUH series is high performance High Voltage power supplies which can output ultra high voltage of maximum 200 kV in the 19-inch rack size. By the safety design without the exposure of the high voltage output part, quantity of outbreak of the corona is held down as compared with the open type power supply.

Therefore, the large space reservation for prevention of electric shock becomes needless and enables setting in the space-saving. In addition, by various remote control functions and a full protection function, AUH has high reliability and usability.

Main features

  • Ultra high voltage of 200kV and high power of 2kW.
  • AUH is largely miniaturized by having made the high voltage output part into the seal structure by potting.
  • The high reliable design that is hard to be affected by the use environment.

Possible applications


Positive polarity output

Model Output
Voltage [kV] Current [mA] Power [W]
AUH-150P8 150 8 1200
AUH-150P13.3 13.3 2000
AUH-160P7.5 160 7.5 1200
AUH-160P12.5 12.5 2000
AUH-180P6.66 180 6.66 1200
AUH-180P11.1 11.1 2000
AUH-200P6 200 6 1200
AUH-200P10 10 2000

Negative polarity output

Model Output
Voltage [kV] Current [mA] Power [W]
AUH-150N8 150 8 1200
AUH-150N13.3 13.3 2000
AUH-160N7.5 160 7.5 1200
AUH-160N12.5 12.5 2000
AUH-180N6.66 180 6.66 1200
AUH-180N11.1 11.1 2000
AUH-200N6 200 6 1200
AUH-200N10 10 2000


For details, download the datasheet below.


-LF: Floating ground (Isolation voltage: 50 Vdc)

t is used when measuring the very small current which flows into load.

(This option is not usable in a use to let a high voltage power supply make floating.)

-LLr *1: Lower ripple

Ripple becomes 0.1%p-p.

-LMs *2: Master slave control

Maximum of four slave units can be controlled with one master unit.

-LOc *2: Cut off when over current

-LW: Slow start

Takes about 10-second to reach maximum rating voltage from when OUTPUT switch or remote switch is turned on.

-L(200V3P) *1: Three-phase input

  1. -LLr option and -L(200V3P) option cannot be selected together. Only one of each can be selected.
  2. When simultaneously equipped with the -LMs option and the -LOc option, please consult to us.

How to Order

When ordering, add Option No. in the following order by alphabet, and input voltage to Model No.



Input Cable

Flying lead
Sold separately (-L(200V3P) option)
Flying lead
  • CABLE TYPE 6 Power Input End

*Sold separately

Output Cable

150 kV model
  • Output cable CN-150-MHVP
160 kV, 180 kV, 200 kV model
  • CN-200-MHVP

Dimensions change by the output voltage. Please contact our sales office for details.


For details, download the datasheet below.


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