• EJC series | Electrostatic Chuck power supply Benchtop | Matsusada Precision
  • EJC series | Electrostatic Chuck power supply Benchtop | Matsusada Precision

E-Chuck High Voltage Power Supply

Halfrack width space-saving design

  • -5V to +5V
  • 30W
  • Single channel output
  • Fast response model

Single channel, Benchtop Bipolar type ±1 kV to ±5 kV/6 W, 30 W

EJC series is a high-voltage power supply developed especially for electrostatic chuck (E-Chuck, ESC) applications. Chuck ON/OFF is possible by DC ON/OFF. Smooth release of the wafer is also possible by reversing the polarity. Correspond to both Johnsen-Rahbek type, and Coulomb type because of the wide product range ±1 kV to ±5 kV.

Features and Benefits

  • Specially designed for Electrostatic Chuck (E-Chuck, ESC) applications
  • Fast response (100 ms) with amplifier structure
  • Bipolar output
  • Integrated RF filter (optional)
  • Long life and high reliability with no relay


Model Output
Voltage [kV] Current [mA]
EJC-1B6 -1 to +1 kV 6 mA
EJC-1B30 30 mA
EJC-2B3 -2 to +2 kV 3 mA
EJC-2B15 15 mA
EJC-3B2 -3 to +3 kV 2 mA
EJC-3B10 10 mA
EJC-4B1.5 -4 to +4 kV 1.5 mA
EJC-4B7.5 7.5 mA
EJC-5B1.2 -5 to +5 kV 1.2 mA
EJC-5B6 6 mA


For details, download the datasheet below.

Example of waveform

Example of waveform | EJC series | Electrostatic Chuck Power Supplies | Matsusada Precision



Protective cover
For POWER switch and High Voltage switch


Polarity change
Local: toggle switch
Remote: contact input


RF filter 13.56 MHz


RF filter 500 kHz


Output relay
Function to separate PS and load electrically by remote control


High voltage output cable 7 meters length x 2

Note: -LRy option and -LRf option cannot be selected together. Need to be selected either one.
Wide range of filter frequency is available optionally. Please consult to sales staff.
Unipolar type is available.

How to Order

When ordering, add Option No. to Model No. in alphabetical, order followed by numerical, and the cable length. Example: EJC-1B6-LBPoRf(13.56M)Ry(7m)


Input cable
[115 V input *]
CABLE TYPE1 CABLE series | AC input cable | Matsusada Precision CABLE series | AC input cable | Matsusada Precision 125 V / 10 A 2.5 meters

Fixed length

*: Purchase CABLE TYPE 3 input cable when input voltage is 200 V.

Output cable
[1 kV to 5 kV models]
MHV connector on both end
5 meters

*: Standard is “(5)”. It will be “(7)” when selected -L(7m) option.


For details, download the datasheet below.


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