• PRTM series
  • PRTM series

PRTM series

High Power DC Power Supply

  • Max Voltage: 1500V
  • Max Current: 4080A
  • Max Power: 120kW
  • Space saving

High power up to 120kW in a slim rack

PRTM series, a high capacity DC power supply comes with PRT series models in one rack, offering at least three times the output range more than the previous ones.

The DC power supply employs a total current display and also provides elaborated protections as standard equipment. Accordingly, it provides strong supports especially for customers' research and development requiring large current and high power.

PRTM series, Only 19.3-inch wide

Refer to PRT series as for base model details. PRT series

Features and Benefits

  • Wide voltage output function is provided. PRTM series is available with voltage/current outputs three times wider than the previous models within the rated output power range.
  • CV/CC priority setting function enables the overshoot suppression by setting the voltage/current rise sequence when the output is turned ON.
  • Internal resistance variation function enables simple simulation of rechargeable batteries, photovoltaic cells, fuel cells, etc.
  • Switching function of sink current/sink current prevention provides application support for maintaining voltage as well as requiring high-speed response. Models with maximum output voltage 500 V or less
  • Low-noise switching system is best suited for research and development activities.

Main Applications

Electric Vehicles (EV), Hybrid Vehicles (HEV) and Automotive Equipment
Evaluation testing of inverters, compressors, DC/DC converters, DC motors, relays, harnesses, etc.
EV connect to PRTM series
Secondary Batteries
Charge/discharge testing of secondary batteries such as lithium-ion, nickel-metal hydride and lead-acid batteries
Photovoltaic Cells
Evaluation testing of power conditioners, junction boxes, etc.
Various types of electrolysis and electrolytic synthesis such as hydrogen generation

The series is also applied for evaluation testing of electrical parts and electrical products such as fuses, connectors and lamps.


We offer more models other than the models with the output bands below, so feel free to contact our sales representatives for details.

Model Maximum output Power supplies installed [units]
Voltage [V] Current [A] Power [kW] *
PRTM80V1020A30kW 80 1020 30 2
PRTM80V1530A45kW 80 1530 45 3
PRTM80V2040A60kW 80 2040 60 4
PRTM80V2550A75kW 80 2550 75 5
PRTM80V3060A90kW 80 3060 90 6
PRTM80V3570A105kW 80 3570 105 7
PRTM80V4080A120kW 80 4080 120 8
PRTM300V300A30kW 300 300 30 2
PRTM300V450A45kW 300 450 45 3
PRTM300V600A60kW 300 600 60 4
PRTM300V750A75kW 300 750 75 5
PRTM300V900A90kW 300 900 90 6
PRTM300V1050A105kW 300 1050 105 7
PRTM300V1200A120kW 300 1200 120 8
PRTM500V200A30kW 500 200 30 2
PRTM500V300A45kW 500 300 45 3
PRTM500V400A60kW 500 400 60 4
PRTM500V500A75kW 500 500 75 5
PRTM500V600A90kW 500 600 90 6
PRTM500V700A105kW 500 700 105 7
PRTM500V800A120kW 500 800 120 8
PRTM850V106A30kW 850 106 30 2
PRTM850V159A45kW 850 159 45 3
PRTM850V212A60kW 850 212 60 4
PRTM850V265A75kW 850 265 75 5
PRTM850V318A90kW 850 318 90 6
PRTM850V371A105kW 850 371 105 7
PRTM850V424A120kW 850 424 120 8
PRTM1500V60A30kW 1500 60 30 2
PRTM1500V90A45kW 1500 90 45 3
PRTM1500V120A60kW 1500 120 60 4
PRTM1500V150A75kW 1500 150 75 5
PRTM1500V180A90kW 1500 180 90 6
PRTM1500V210A105kW 1500 210 105 7
PRTM1500V240A120kW 1500 240 120 8
  • The operation confirmation has been conducted in each power supply unit alone beforehand. Once the power supply units are installed, no operation of the rated output is checked.


For details, download the datasheet below.


* These options cannot be selected simultaneously.

-LBr: Protective breaker

One protective breaker is installed for each rack.

-LBr option is not available for PRTM80V3570A105kW and PRTM80V4080A120kW.

-LCa: CAN interface board* Coming soon

Output control and operation status monitoring of these devices can be performed using CAN communications.

-LCk: CC-Link interface board* Coming soon

Controlled by CC-Link from a CC-Link master device such as a PLC. Compatible with CC-Link ver1.10, and operates as a CC-Link device station. Two stations are occupied per unit, and a maximum of 32 units can be controlled.

(Please refer to materials of the CC-Link Partner Association for detailed specifications of CC-Link.)

-LEb: Eye bolts

Four eyebolts mounted to the top side allow you to move the product using cranes.

-LGob: Optical Interface Board *

  • -LGob: Optical Interface Board + optical cable 2 m
  • -LGob(Fc5): Optical Interface Board + optical cable 5 m
  • -LGob(Fc10): Optical Interface Board + optical cable 10 m
  • -LGob(Fc20): Optical Interface Board + optical cable 20 m
  • -LGob(Fc40): Optical Interface Board + optical cable 40 m

Isolation control is performed by optical communication. As complete isolation is performed by means of optical fiber, this enables advance prevention of erroneous operation comprising transient phenomena resulting from surges, inductive lightning, external noise, etc.

Please purchase a control-side optical communications adapter separately.
As for USB – optical converter adapter, USB – OPT by Matsusada Precision is compatible.


The option is available for PRT500V/100A and PRT850V/53A.
Rated input for three phase 380 Vac to 440 Vac

How to Order

When ordering, add Option No. to Model No. in alphabetical order followed by numerical order.
Also compatible with Modbus communications via RS-232C/485. Contact a sales representative for details.


For details, download the datasheet below.


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