• PRTM series | DC power supply Rackmount | Matsusada Precision
  • PRTM series | DC power supply Rackmount | Matsusada Precision

High Power DC Power Supply
with Wide Range Output

  • Max Voltage: 80V to 1500V
  • Max Current: 60A to 4080A
  • Max Power: 30kW to 120kW
  • Space saving

High power up to 120kW in a slim rack

PRTM series, a high power DC power supply comes with PRT series models in one rack, offering at least three times the output range more than the previous ones.

The DC power supply employs a total current display and also provides elaborated protections as standard equipment. Accordingly, it provides strong supports especially for customers' research and development requiring high current and high power.
note: The PRT series disassembled from the PRTM series can be used as a stand-alone PRT unit.
However, wiring and settings must be done by the customer, and they are out of warranty.

PRTM series, Only 19.3-inch wide

Refer to PRT series as for base model details. PRT series


  • Equipped with a turbo function to achieve a wide range of output.
  • CV/CC priority setting function enables suppression of overshoot by setting the voltage/current rise sequence with the output ON
  • Variable internal resistance function enables simple simulation of rechargeable batteries
  • The sink current suppression reduces the reverse current flowing from the load to the unit in order to prevent a voltage drop on the load as the output is OFF or the set voltage is lowered.
  • Low-noise switching methodideal for research & development

More Space Saving for Better Workplace

Introducing the extremely compact PRTM makes more effective use of your work space. We have developed the smaller regeneration DC power supply for space saving aimed at installing other measuring tools, which makes effective use of the space at workplace.
More Space Saving for Better Workplace

How to compact

State-of-the-art semiconductor
In order to minimize the heat generation itself inside the power supply, we adopted the latest device including semiconductor elements of high efficiency via thorough examination. This enables the product to provide such a sufficient cooling function to maximize the high performance.
Air-through Circuit Block Technology
Following the structure review of the circuit block, the product has been made smaller, and we also have put more focus on the improvement of block arrangement contributing to excellent space efficiency by extremely reducing the dead space. Consequently, we achieved the significant development of high-density mounting technology. While extra spaces inside the device had been required to release the heat so far, we successfully made the product even smaller to ensure the total amount of height of a mere 133 mm.
How to compact


Electric Vehicles (EV), Hybrid electric Vehicles (HEV), Vehicle-mounted Equipment, and Drones
Evaluation testing of inverters, compressors, DC/DC converters, DC motors, power relays, fuse’s testing, harnesses, etc.
Power semiconductors
Semiconductor lasers, SiC, GaN, IGBT, and MOSFET
Rechargeable Batteries
Charge/discharge cycle testing of rechargeable batteries such as lithium ion, nickel metal hydride, and lead-acid batteries
Photovoltaic Cells
Evaluation testing of power conditioners, junction boxes, etc.
Chemistry (Renewable energy development, Carbon dioxide absorption)
Electrochemistry (Various types of electrolysis and electrolytic synthesis such as hydrogen generation)


We offer more models other than the models with the output bands below, so feel free to contact our sales representatives for details.

Model Maximum output Power supplies installed [units]
Voltage [V] Current [A] Power [kW] *
PRTM80V1020A30kW 80 V 1020 A 30 kW 2 units
PRTM80V1530A45kW 1530 A 45 kW 3 units
PRTM80V2040A60kW 2040 A 60 kW 4 units
PRTM80V2550A75kW 2550 A 75 kW 5 units
PRTM80V3060A90kW 3060 A 90 kW 6 units
PRTM80V3570A105kW 3570 A 105 kW 7 units
PRTM80V4080A120kW 4080 A 120 kW 8 units
PRTM300V300A30kW 300 V 300 A 30 kW 2 units
PRTM300V450A45kW 450 A 45 kW 3 units
PRTM300V600A60kW 600 A 60 kW 4 units
PRTM300V750A75kW 750 A 75 kW 5 units
PRTM300V900A90kW 900 A 90 kW 6 units
PRTM300V1050A105kW 1050 A 105 kW 7 units
PRTM300V1200A120kW 1200 A 120 kW 8 units
PRTM500V200A30kW 500 V 200 A 30 kW 2 units
PRTM500V300A45kW 300 A 45 kW 3 units
PRTM500V400A60kW 400 A 60 kW 4 units
PRTM500V500A75kW 500 A 75 kW 5 units
PRTM500V600A90kW 600 A 90 kW 6 units
PRTM500V700A105kW 700 A 105 kW 7 units
PRTM500V800A120kW 800 A 120 kW 8 units
PRTM850V106A30kW 850 V 106 A 30 kW 2 units
PRTM850V159A45kW 159 A 45 kW 3 units
PRTM850V212A60kW 212 A 60 kW 4 units
PRTM850V265A75kW 265 A 75 kW 5 units
PRTM850V318A90kW 318 A 90 kW 6 units
PRTM850V371A105kW 371 A 105 kW 7 units
PRTM850V424A120kW 424 A 120 kW 8 units
PRTM1500V60A30kW 1500 V 60 A 30 kW 2 units
PRTM1500V90A45kW 90 A 45 kW 3 units
PRTM1500V120A60kW 120 A 60 kW 4 units
PRTM1500V150A75kW 150 A 75 kW 5 units
PRTM1500V180A90kW 180 A 90 kW 6 units
PRTM1500V210A105kW 210 A 105 kW 7 units
PRTM1500V240A120kW 240 A 120 kW 8 units
  • The operation confirmation has been conducted in each power supply unit alone beforehand. Once the power supply units are installed, no operation of the rated output is checked.

Output Range Graphs

Turbo function enables a wide range of voltage and current output compared to previous DC power supplies.

Output Range Graphs


Application Operations with Front USB Port

Matsusada Precision 2 application operations with the front USB terminal
No data logger or no always connected a computer required
Shortening time of wiring and preparation, Suited for cycle tests in areas where computers are prohibited.
Features:Built-in data logging
Data logging captures the output data at the fastest interval of 0.1 seconds by inserting the USB memory stick. Also, with the dedicated software MLV, the log data is available in CSV format to output.
Use in places where you cannot always connect a computer
With the dedicated software MSS, you can save the sequence program data to the USB memory and load from the front USB port. Thus, the program operation is available by the power supply only.

Functions with Front USB Port and Standard Attached Software

(1) Sequence program function: MSS (Matsusada Sequence Software)

Easy to use for beginners
MSS allows you to create sequence program data using the main unit or a computer with the dedicated software (MSS).
The software makes it easier and more convenient to create sequence program data. The created sequence program data can be saved to USB memory, and up to 1,024 steps of the sequence program can be loaded.
Matsusada Precision Sequence function: MSS (Matsusada Sequence Software)

(2) Operation log display: MLV (Matsusada Log Viewer) Operation log

Matsusada Precision (2) Operation log display: MLV (Matsusada Log Viewer) Operation log
Instant graphing of operation logs
Operation log display function: MLV, the dedicated software can read and graph the operation log.
Logging to USB memory is available not only during the sequence operation as described in (1) above, but also during the local/external control.
Easy editing of operation logs
MLV can select items you need and save them in CSV format, so you can also edit the data in spreadsheet software with no problem.

[Display items]

  • Elapsed time
  • CC/CV mode
  • Output value (voltage, current, and power)
  • Status
  • Other information on errors, etc.

Large Color Touch Panel

PRT/PRTM series comes with the large color touch panel, realizing its operability and visibility improvement.

Matsusada Precision Large Color Touch Panel
  • Easy setting of output voltage, current, power and other parameters !
  • Simple setting to complex sequence program !
  • New feature with more selectable error detections !
  • Equally available in conventional configuration with the setting dial

Sequence Programming Function

The sequence programming function allows programming of parameters such as step time, step amplitude, ramp, CV/CC mode, sequence program end-setting, step jump, and jump count by simply operating on the front panel. This option enables you to generate customized original waveforms, and you can use a great variety of applications, including testing evaluation, and verification.

Program as Image
Matsusada Precision Program as Image
  • Step setting time 0.0 to 3,600 s
  • For one program, a maximum of 1,024 steps can be configured and saved.
  • CV/CC mode can be set for each program.
  • Repetition frequency: infinity, or 1 to 999 Program as Image

CV/CC Priority Setting Function

CV (constant voltage) priority/CC (constant current) priority mode can be selected and set. As is the case with diodes, a load tends to suddenly change the resistance at certain points. When the device is started in CV mode, the current will be momentary overshot. In PRTM series, select the CC priority mode to suppress the occurrence of overshoot. The function can reduce the risk of damaging expensive loads such as high-power laser diodes.

CV priority mode Matsusada Precision CV priority mode
CC priority mode Matsusada Precision CC priority mode

* In the CC priority mode, not by releasing the voltage setting and set the CC value to the lowest within the range where the CC state can be maintained.

Internal Resistance Variation Function (in CV mode)

Set the internal resistance to any value to generate a voltage drop when the load current flows.
Batteries, photovoltaic cells, and fuel cells can be simulated.
(The setting range of the internal resistance value is from 0 Ω to the rated voltage/rated current.)

Matsusada Precision Internal Resistance Variation Function (in CV mode)

Preset Memory Function

With the preset memory function, the preset values are automatically saved when the power turns off.
Furthermore, up to three different voltage, current, and power settings are also memorized respectively.

Sink current prevention function

The function is suitable for supplying power to loads with capacities like batteries and capacitors. It reduces the reverse current flowing from the load to the unit in order to prevent a voltage drop on the load as the output is OFF or the set voltage is lowered.

Matsusada Precision Sink current prevention

Note: Reverse current cannot be controlled and stabilized. In order to protect the power supply unit, connect a dummy resistor or reverse current prevention diode if the load of the reverse voltage is equal to or higher than the rated voltage (inductive loads, regenerative motors, etc.).

Two-mode Lock Function

The locking is selectable from two setting modes: one is "Full LOCK" to lock all front panel operations, and the other is "Normal LOCK" to lock all operations except the ON/OFF switch. The function is so user-friendly that the "Full LOCK" mode is provided to ensure the prevention of erroneous operation, and the "Normal LOCK" function facilitates the emergency stop while preventing erroneous operation. Emergency stop operation using the POWER ON/OFF switch is possible in either mode.
Matsusada Precision Full LOCK

Password Function New

In this function, to cancel the two-mode lock function, input a 4-digit PIN code. (Enable/Disable is selectable.)
Matsusada Precision Normal LOCK

Secure analog input/output control

The external analog input/output control of voltage/current/power is isolated from the power of the power supply as standard.
When controlling/monitoring multiple power supplies, you can use the product more securely as the external analog input/output control has a chassis (ground) potential.
  • Output control
  • Remote switch
  • Remote/Local mode setting
  • Output monitor
  • Door switch
  • Status output

Residual voltage detection LED

Use for checking residual voltage
The LED on the rear panel blinks when there is voltage remaining on the DC output terminal in output or at output off. it is useful for reference to check if the voltage remains. Be sure to check the voltage before the operation of the unit.
Residual voltage detection LED | Matsusada Precision


For details, download the datasheet below.


-LBr: Protective breaker
One protective breaker is mounted for each rack.
-LCa: CAN interface board *1 *2
Using CAN communications, output controlling and operation status monitoring of these devices can be performed.
-LEb: Eye bolts
Four eyebolts mounted to the top side allow you to move the product using cranes.
-LGob: Optical interface board *1 *2
  • -LGob: Optical interface board + optical cable 2 meters
  • -LGob(Fc5): Optical interface board + optical cable 5 meters
  • -LGob(Fc10): Optical interface board + optical cable 10 meters
  • -LGob(Fc20): Optical interface board + optical cable 20 meters
  • -LGob(Fc40): Optical interface board + optical cable 40 meters

The unit is remotely controlled by isolating with optical communication. As complete isolation is provided by means of optical fiber, this enables advance prevention of erroneous operation involved with transient phenomenon caused by surges, inductive lightning, external noise, etc.

The optical communication adapter at the control side should be purchased separately.
-LRs: RS-232C/RS-485 interface board *1 *2
Using RS-232C/RS-485 communications, output controlling and operation status monitoring of the devices can be provided.
-L (400V): Rated input for three-phase 380 Vac to 440 Vac 3 x 28 A (@400 V)
It has the system power supply voltage of 400 Vac, three-phase, 50 Hz/60 Hz.
Models of the maximum output voltage 500V and 850V are applicable for the option.
  1. Installed only on the Master unit. The Slave unit can be used alone, but no option is supplied.
    If you need an option for the Slave unit, please contact us.
  2. Selecting each individual option simultaneously in -LCa, -LGob, and -LRs is not allowed.

How to Order

When ordering, add Option No. to Model No. in alphabetical order followed by the input voltage.

Example: >PRTM850V424A120kW-LBrEbGob(400V)


Anchors: Material Stainless steel plates(in pairs)

Model number: RAC-AMF

[Unit: inch (mm)]

Anchors: Material Stainless steel plates(in pairs)
Numbers can be used
2 pcs (pair)


For details, download the datasheet below.


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