• RK-80 Series
  • RK-80 Series

RK-80 Series

Ultra compact DC programmable power supply

Selectable output ranges bench top

  • Voltage: 0 V to 320 V
  • Current: 0 W to 10 A
  • Power: 0 W to 80 W
  • user-friendly design

Ultra Slim Sophisticated Bench-top DC Power Supply

RK-80 series are high performance DC programmable power supplies. 3-digit digital meter is added newly. Needless to say, the innovative compact size, variable range feature and high operability are realized. RK-80 series is the suitable DC power supply for a variety of applications from laboratory experiment to line productions.

More useful!

  • Compact and light weight space saving design
  • Very quiet due to the adopting naturally-cooled system without cooling fan
  • For wider output range
    RK-80L: 16 V/10 A, RK-80: 36 V/5 A, RK-80M: 110 V/1.3 A, RK-80H: 320 V/0.5 A
  • Unique low noise power conversion technology for research application
  • Power factor correction and universal input
  • Multiple units operation with master/slave and digital interface

New user-friendly functions

New and useful functions and stylish front panel design!

Useful new feature of variable setting range

Set voltage/current value within 80 W, then turn on output.

* Not automatic range change which can output 80 W all the time. Resetting is required.


Useful NEW 3 Additional Functions

NEWOutput voltage and output current can be set speedily.
When setting output voltage and output current by rotary encoder on front panel, every time fine switch is pressed, setting digit on digital display will be switched. In case, setting small output value or change setting value widely, setting can be done speedily. (Fine switch cannnot be used when output value is set by remotely.)
When output is OFF, the preset value can be displayed automatically by operating rotary encoder on the front panel.
Various protections such as over voltage/current protection (OVP, OCP) are equipped as standard functions.


Model Output Ripple Resolution *1 AC input
voltage [V] current [A] Power [W] [mVms] [mAms] Output volt. Output cur. Voltage Current (typ) Power factor
RK-80L 0 to 16 0 to 10 80 5 10 0.1 V 0.01 A 85 to 264 VAC
50/60 Hz
single phase
in 115 V
in 230 V
0.39 *2
RK-80 0 to 36 0 to 5 5 4 1 A 0.5 A
RK-80M 0 to 110 0 to 1.3 10 2 1 V
RK-80H 0 to 320 0 to 0.5 20 1 1 mA

*1: Specification under the Local control mode.

*2: Maximum output @ 115 VAC input.


Multi Setting Function

Function to memorize 3 different voltage and current settings in addition to standard preset function.
No need to adjust the output when different setting, and convenient function for production inspection process or testing which require frequent data taking.

Multi Setting Function

Delay Trigger Function

(It is available only for one RK-80 when -LUs1, -LGob or -LRmf option is selected.)

Function to output ON/OFF of total 32 units from one master unit. (when master/slave)
It is possible to delay the ON/OFF time, and simultaneous ON/OFF setting is possible as well.
Ideal function for application which require time delay for ON/OFF setting.

Master / slave is available only for the models with -LGmb option.

Delay Trigger Function

*setting range of t1 to t8 is 0.0 s to 99.9 s

  1. R4K-36 series, R4K-80 series, RK series and REK series. Detail catalog for each model is available. Please contact nearby sales office.
  2. Can be connected up to 16 units.
  3. Only for slave-local. In case of slave remote control, exact same model of power supply need to be used. Also, in case of slave-local, each output voltage and current can be set individually. In case of slave-remote, output voltage and current can be set with one-control function which each slave unit follows the master unit setting.

Two Mode Lock Function

Function to select two different lock functions for two different purpose."Full Lock" locks all the function on front panel, and "Normal Lock" locks all the function except for ON/OFF. "Full Lock" mode shall be good in case mis-operation have to be completely avoided, and "Normal Lock" mode shall be good in case to avoid mis-operation but secure the way for emergency stop of power supply. You can select the best mode according to your level of "Security".
(in both modes, emergency stop is possible with Power Switch.)


Lock all the function other than reset lock mode, and effective for purpose to avoid mis-operation when controlled.


Normal LOCK

Lock voltage and current setting dial, and effective for purpose to avoid changing output setting by mistake or when easy emergency stop is required.

Normal LOCK

Sink Current/Sink Current Prevention Function

RK-80 series features function to sink current, and enable to decrease the voltage quickly when turning off the output or when control the voltage down, which increase the safety of operation.
In case that continuous aging test in short interval, quick voltage fall time increase the efficiency of process. On the contrary by using sink current prevention function, it is possible to prevent voltage drop on the load by decreasing the current flow from load to power supply when turning off the power supply or when decrease the output voltage.

It is not possible to stabilize the output by controlling back current. In case of load which has inverse voltage or over rated voltage, such as inductive load or regenerative motor, protect the power supply by adding dummy resister or diode to prevent back current

Sink Current/Sink Current Prevention Function
Sink Current/Sink Current Prevention Function

Dual Tracking, Multiple Outputs

Dual tracking control, which enables both positive and negative outputs simultaneously in master slave operation, is possible. Multi outputs and various versatile operations are also possible by combining above dual tracking control and slave local mode. Positive and negative output (+V, -V) of dual tracking control and set output voltage of slave local mode can be output simultaneously by turning on the master unit. go to Operations

Dual Tracking

Dual Tracking

Multiple Outputs

Multiple Outputs

Remote Function

Remote switch ON/OFF

* +S is common. So external control voltage shall be input with +S as reference. Otherwise it can cause failure.

Remote switch ON/OFF

Sink current 1 mA

Remote sensing

Compensate the voltage drop (V0-VL) due to resistance of output lead or drop of stability by contact resistance. (maximum 0.5 V)

Remote sensing


  1. Output voltage and OVP setting display
  2. Output current and OCP setting display
    (RK-80H: mA display)
  3. Remote programming display:
    span class="smallText">Light up when output voltage/current control in remote mode.
  4. Output display:
    Light up when output is on.
  5. OUTPUT ON/OFF switch:
    span class="smallText">To be used to turn output on/off when local mode as well resetting protection functions.
  6. FINE switch:
    To shift the digit of a setting value of output voltage/current.
  7. Monitor terminal
  8. Constant voltage operation mode display
  9. Constant current operation mode display
  10. PRESET switch
  11. OVP/OCP switch
  12. LOCK switch
  13. Output voltage·OVP setting dial
  14. Output current·OCP setting dial
  15. Power ON/OFF switch:
    span class="smallText">This has priority over all operations for safety reason.
  16. LS switch (remote switch)
  17. +Sense
  18. Output terminal
  19. -Sense
  20. AC input terminal


-LGmb: Digital interface board *1 *2

  • -LGmb: Digital interface + modular cable 2 m length
  • -LGmb (Mc0.15): Digital interface + modular cable 0.15 m length
  • -LGmb (Mc0.5): Digital interface + modular cable 0.5 m length

Enable digit control via LAN (Ehternet *3)/USB/RS-232C/RS-485/GPIB as well as one control with Master/Slave.

(A) CO-M cable
A two-meter cable is provided in each unit without interface option. If you need a longer cable, please consult with our sales staff.
-LGmb  Digital interface board
up to 16 units operation with master/slave

When noisy environment is presumed, the following -LGob option (optical interface) is required.

-LGob: Optical Interface Board *1 *2

  • -LGob: Optical interface board + optical cable 2 m
  • -LGob (Fc5): Optical interface board + optical cable 5 m
  • -LGob (Fc10): Optical interface board + optical cable 1 0m
  • -LGob (Fc20): Optical interface board + optical cable 20 m
  • -LGob (Fc40): Optical interface board + optical cable 40 m

Optical communication offers insulation control. It is to prevent malfunction such as transient phenomenon by surge, lightning induction, and exogenous noise.

-LGob  Optical Interface Board

Select the -LGob option when using power supply following environmental condition

  • Factories which has a lot of noise
    [Sample] in case of using power supplies and loads near motors and coils.
  • In case using power supply with high voltage floating (more than 250 V)
  • The length between power supply and controller unit (PC or PLC) is more than 2-meter

-LUs1: USB Interface Board *1 *2 *4

When controlling several RK-80 power supplies via USB, a USB hub will be required between the PC and RK-80 power supplies.

-LUs1  USB Interface Board

-LRmf: Remote multi function *1

-LRmf  Remote multi function

At the time of the remote control, it performs "operation to change 3 ranges" as follows.

Model Switch
Range Rated output
Rated output
RK-80L 1 High 16 V 5 A
2 Middle 10 V 8 V
3 Low 8 V 10 A
RK-80 1 High 36 V 2.2 A
2 Middle 27 V 3 A
3 Low 16 V 5 A
RK-80M 1 High 110 V 0.7 A
2 Middle 80 V 1 A
3 Low 60 V 1.3 A
RK-80H 1 High 320 V 200 mA
2 Middle 250 V 300 mA
3 Low 160 V 500 mA
  1. These options can be chosen only one either.
  2. For detailed specification of USB and digital interface,please refer date sheet of CO series.
  3. Ethernet is the registered trademark of Xerox corporation.
  4. Delay triger function can be set individually at the time of master-slave.
    Furthermore, all functions (except OUTPUT) of master-slave can be also canceled by the change of Remote/Local, and the preset value of output voltage/current can be set individually.
  5. +S is common. So external control voltage shall be input with +S as reference. Otherwise it can cause failure.

How to Order

Add above -L mark to the model number when ordering
RK-80-LGmb (Mc0.5)
RK-80L-LGob (Fc20)
alphabetical order


AC Input Cable


125 V/10 A (standard)


250 V/10 A (separate)


250 V/10 A (separate)



Series Operation·Parallel Operation

RK-80 power supply of same model number can be connected in series or parallel to increase output voltage or current. In that case, local control or the control in the digital master slave is recommended.
Because the common of the outside input/output control connector (TB1) is connected to the positive output, please do not connect common more than two.

Series operation

Series operation

Total output voltage is to be up to 250 V. Therefore for models with output voltage of over 250 V, series operation cannot be conducted. Output current is to be the smallest current of those.

Parallel operation

Parallel operation

Please keep all the settings of voltage the same. Output current will be the summation of each current. Please keep OVP level of power supply maximum to prevent any damage.

Split operation

Split operation

+output and –output are available.



  • Input AC cable 2.5 m single phase 3-pin type (1)
  • Instruction manual (1)
  • Ground plate (1)

Accessory Kit

Various accessories are available for convenient use of the unit.


For one unit operation...



For the applications which require 2 to 6 units combination. Dual, triple and quad multiple operation is possible.

* Cooling fan is needed for more than 3 units combination


Rack mount holder [RMO series]

  • 10 Units/1 rack holder, and can be placed in a cabinet. Easy to take one unit out.
  • Best suitable for a system operation.
  • With fan unit.
Rack mount holder

* Power supply is not included in the accessories.


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