• R4GT series
  • R4GT series

R4GT series

Ultra-low Noise Programmable DC Power Supply

  • Max Voltage: 10V to 36V
  • Max Current: 0.01W to 2A
  • Max Power: 0.1W to 36W
  • Superior Usability

Precise Setting of Current and Output is possible with High Resolution D/A and A/D Convertor equipped.

R4GT series is DC power supply for precision plating so that setting minute current and output are enabled as based on ultra-low noise DC power supply R4G series which have gotten favorable reception. These are applicable to tests for luminous elements, LED, organic electroluminescence (OEL), etc. which handle minute current. Superior usability is realized with equipped FINE function which can set quickly voltage and current. Moreover, as these correspond to digital communication, applicable widely from experiments to automation line.

Features and Benefits

Voltage and Current Display with four digits Indicator
Both voltage and current are indicated with four digits. Output control in finer unit than ever before, "0.01 mA to 10 mV", is possible.Minute setting and output are enabled without multimeters.
Ultra-low Ripple and High Speed Respondence
High speed respondence with ultra-low ripple and noise as linear regulator system is applied. These are best fit for usage which the fundamental performance is important.
Various Functions equipped as Standard
As analog remote control and various status signal output are equipped as standard, it is easy to build in them on automation line.
Applicable to Digital Interface (option)
They are applicable to various digital interfaces. These are able to fit in with your various automatic measuring and production facilities.
Superior Usability
These realize simple operation to be able to make various setting speedy and exactly.


  • Please avoid utilizing them under corrosive gas or plentiful moisture environment.
  • All the models in the below table is positive common type power supply. Please contact our sales office for the negative-type power supply.
Model Output Output Min. Setting Unit * Power Consump.
Voltage [V] Current [A] Power [W] Voltage [mV] Current [mA]
R4GT10-0.01 0 to 10 0 to 0.01 0.1 10 0.01 Approx. 20 VA
R4GT18-0.1 0 to 18 0 to 0.1 1.8 0.1 Approx. 22 VA
R4GT18-0.2 0 to 0.2 3.6 0.1 Approx. 27 VA
R4GT18-2 0 to 2 36 1 Approx. 90 VA
R4GT36-0.1 0 to 36 0 to 0.1 3.6 0.1 Approx. 30 VA
R4GT36-0.2 0 to 0.2 7.2 0.1 Approx. 35 VA
R4GT36-1 1 36 1 Approx. 90 VA

* Values are ones at local control. It is possible to set more fine values at remote control by digital communication.


Remote Control

Output Control

Output Control
Vout·Iout Control Voltage
0 to Maximum 0 to about 10 Vdc
Input Imp. 500 kΩ

Output Monitor

Output Monitor
0 to Maximum
0 to about 10 Vdc
Output Imp. 1 kΩ
0 to about 10 Vdc
Output Imp. 1 kΩ

Output of Status

Output of Status
  • Power ON: ON at Power ON status
  • OUTPUT: ON at OUTPUT status
  • FLT: ON at abnormal status
    [ON for the status of OVP, OCP and Interlock (LD).]
  • CV, CC: ON at CV or CC status

COMMON is floating with the output of Open Collector for each COMMON.
Voltage Resistance 30 Vdc, Sink Current ≤ 5 mA

* Use control voltage as floating but not grounding. Potential on COMMON is the same one of + output terminal. If COMMON in customer's equipment is grounded, not only power supply can not be controlled, but also damage of equipment may be caused. And if multi-channel and non-isolated sequencer is utilized, please take care that ground of other equipment is connected through the sequencer in a certain case.

Remote Switch ON/OFF

Remote Switch ON/OFF
Output Relay Open Collector
ON Short VCE ≤ 0.4 V
OFF Open VCE ≥ 2 V
  • Sink current 1 mA
  • Logic of OUTPUT can be made reverse.

Parallel Operation by One Control (only at local control)

Parallel Operation by One Control

Slave units hooked in parallel can be controlled with one master unit.
It is possible to enhance output current by hooking in parallel 2 same units and more.

Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing

Prevent to degrade stability due to voltage drop (Vo-VL) by resistance (R) in output wiring or contact resistance. (up to maximum 0.5 V)

Digital Control Function (at selected various optional digital interface)

Control Function
  • Output ON/OFF setting
  • Display of various Status (Output/Operation/OVP/OCP/Door Switch)
  • Digital Control Maximum 16 units (-LGob option models: 32units)
  • Package Control Multiple Units Hooked
Write Function Setting Output Voltage Percent Mode *1, Voltage or Current Value Mode, *2
Setting Output Current
Setting OVP Percent Mode *1, Voltage or Current Value Mode, *2
Setting OCP
Read Function Measured Output Voltage Percent Mode *1, Voltage or Current Value Mode, *2
Measured Output Current
Setting Output Voltage Percent Mode *1, Voltage or Current Value Mode, *2
Setting Output Current
Setting OVP Percent Mode *1, Voltage or Current Value Mode, *2
Setting OCP
  1. Minimum setting unit for each model is one ten-thousandth (100.00%).
  2. Minimum setting unit for each model is one count of the indicator.


Explanation for Functions

Explanation for Functions

  1. Indicate output voltage and OVP setting
  2. Indicate output current and OCP setting
  3. Display remote programming: Lighten during remote control of voltage or current.
  4. Display OUTPUT: Lighten during output ON.
  5. ON/OFF switch for output: This use for output ON / OFF at local and reset of protection functions.
  6. Output Terminal
  7. GND Terminal
  8. Display Constant Voltage (CV) operation mode
  9. Knob to set output voltage (double as to set OVP)
  10. Display Constant Current (CC) operation mode
  11. FINE Switch: Changeover setting digits at setting output voltage/current.
  12. Knob to set output current (double as to set OCP)
  13. Preset Switch for output
  14. Setting Switch for OVP/OCP
  15. Setting Switch for Key Lock
  16. ON/OFF Switch for Power: This has priority over all actions for safety.
  17. Interface Board: Picture shows ones at optional -LGmb.
  18. Input Terminal


For details, download the datasheet below.


-LCk: CC-Link Interface Board *1 NEW

CC-Link master unit such as PLC can control power supplies with CC-Link compatible with CC-Link ver1.10, possible to operate as CC-Link device station. One unit occupies 2 stations, maximum 32 units can be controllable.

Please refer to CC-Link association web for CC-Link detail.

-LCk CC-Link Interface Board

-LGob: Optical Interface Board *1 *2

  • -LGob: Optical Interface board + CO-opt cable 2 m
  • -LGob(Fc5): Optical Interface board + CO-opt cable 5 m
  • -LGob(Fc10): Optical Interface board + CO-opt cable 10 m
  • -LGob(Fc20): Optical Interface board + CO-opt cable 20 m
  • -LGob(Fc40): Optical Interface board + CO-opt cable 40 m

Insulation control is made with optical communication. As perfect insulation is made by optical fiber it is able to forestall miss operation by transient phenomenon caused by surge, dielectric thunder or foreign noise, etc

When use them under following conditions, select -LGob always.
  • Noisy environment as in a factory.
    (Ex. Motors or coils are used near to the load or the power supply)
  • Used in high voltage floating. (250V and higher)
  • Our power supply and controller (PC or PLC) can not be installed within 2m.
-LGob Optical Interface Board

-LMi: Multi Digital Interface *1

Digital control by LAN (Ethernet), USB (USBTMC) and RS-485 (Multidrop) is available. (These simultaneous use is impossible. And, RS-485 supports only FULL DUPLEX communications.) This option includes -L(SCPI) option, and attaches IVI driver corresponding to SCPI command. It makes it easy for control program development with various programming languages such as LabView, VisualBasic and C# etc.

* Ethernet is a registered trademark of Fuji Xerox co, Ltd

-LUs1: USB Interface Board *1 *2

Digital Control via USB is enabled.

It is possible to hook 1 unit per 1 USB port equipped on the personal computer. If number of USB ports equipped on the PC to be used is in lacking, use a USB hub. But there is a case that the hub is not operated correctly.

-LUs1 USB Interface Board

-LGmb: Digital Interface Board *1 *2

  • -LGmb: Digital Interface board + CO-M cable 2 m
  • -LGmb (Mc0.15): Digital Interface board + CO-M cable 0.15 m
  • -LGmb (Mc0.5): Digital Interface board + CO-M cable 0.5 m

In addition to digital control via LAN (Ethernet*), USB, RS-232C, RS-485 and GPIB are possible, one control in master-slave operation is enabled.

(B) CO-M cable

As of models with -LGmb option, a two-meter cable is provided in each model. (The cable length depends on the option code you selected.) If you need a longer cable, please consult with our sales staff.

Please select -LGob, if use them under a noisy environment.

Up to 16 units ban be hooked on Master-slave function. (Same model units are hooked.)

* Ethernet is the registered band of Xerox CO., Ltd

-LGmb Digital Interface Board

-LIc: Integrating Function of Output Current

Output current is integrated and that is displayed. (Up to Max. 100 AH) Integrated value is kept during output is OFF. It is very useful to manage plating solution as maximum integrated current to stop the output can be preset.

-L: Higher isolation voltage

This option make the isolation voltage to be ±500 V-DC, which enable extended capability of series operation.

-L (120V), -L (200V), -L (220V), -L (240V)

It is applicable to other input voltage than 115 V AC.

-LDe: Pulse/Ramp Sequence

Following output controls of A to E are applicable.

This Option can be selected only on R4GT10-0.01, R4GT18-0.1, R4GT18-0.2, R4GT36-0.1, R4GT36-0.2.

A. Pulse Sequence

A. Pulse Sequence

ta, tb, tc and toff can be set in 0.0s to 9999h59m59.9s, respectively

Sequential operation is possible by using voltage and current set on each memory a, b and c in combination with multi-set function. Not only continuous operation, but also it is possible to specify the times. It is best fit to evaluation tests for products as various operations, like as repeat of a and b only or repeat of b, c and off only, are enabled by setting time of memory a, b, c or off to 0.0.

B. Ramp

B. Ramp

t1 and t2 can be set to 0.0 to 9999 h 59 m 59.9 s, respectively

It enables to make ramp action up to set voltage or current (or from the set voltage or current to 0V or 0A). It is useful to like to rise (reduce) voltage or current slowly.

* For ramp action, it is possible to select [both of set voltage and current] , [only set voltage] or [only set current].

C. Pulse Sequence + Ramp

C. Pulse Sequence + Ramp

t1 to t4, ta to tc and toff can be set in 0.0 s to 9999 h 59 m 59.9 s, respectively

It is also possible to use pulse sequence combined with ramp action. If multi-set function is combined with the too, it is able to make sequence action by using voltage or current set on memory a, b and c. Not only continuous operation, but also it is possible to specify the times.
It is useful in various aspects as it is possible to rise (reduce) voltage or current slowly up to 20 set value.

D. Delayed Trigger Ramp

Delayed Trigger Ramp

* t1 and t2 can be set in 0.0s to 99.9s, respectively.
* ton can be set in 0.1s to 9999h59m59.9s and toff can be set in 0.0s to 9999h59m59.9s

This is one of the combinations with Delayed Trigger Function and Ramp Function, after OUTPUT is made ON, ramp output is started in time delayed.

E. Master Follow

E. Master Follow

Pulse sequence actions at master-slave and output signal to slave units at ramp action are transmitted. By this function, it is possible to make slave units to output on different output condition from the master unit.

* Only for -LGmb models

Note: Accuracy of the timer during sequence operation ±0.1%. Please take care of usage at long running operation.

  1. Either one of these options is selectable
  2. For the detail function of optical interface, USB interface, RS-232C interface and digital interface, please refer to the catalogue of digital controller CO series.

How to Order

To order, please add above option codes to the model number.
AC input voltage is to be the tail.


AC Input Cable

(include as standard)
125 V/10 A
(-L(200V), -L(220V), -L(240V) attached as option)
250 V/10 A
(to be sold separately)
250 V/10 A


For details, download the datasheet below.


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