• R3K-36 series
  • R3K-36 series

R3K-36 series

Ultra compact Palm-top DC Power Supply

  • Max Voltage: 8V to 36V
  • Max Current: 1A to 3A
  • Max Power: 24W to 36W
  • Ultra Slim

Palmtop size Variable DC Power Supply

R3K-36 series are ultra-compact, high-performance DC power supplies which achieve sufficient output of 36 W in the "palm-sized". This ultra-slim, (1.4 inches, 35 mm), supply, has the output voltage/current meter integrated as a standard feature.
This allows for simpler and easier operation.
The supply is very suitable for a multi-set and anti-sink current feature, to do QA or production testing.

Features and Benefits

We pursue usability!

  • Saving space by compact and light weight design
  • Suitable for research application by it's ultra low noise feature
  • Very quiet due to the adopting natural air-cooling system without cooling fan.
  • Output voltage and current meter are equipped standardly.
  • Output voltage and output current can be set speedily.


  1. The ripple is applied in the rated output from 10% to 100%.
  2. You can change the input voltage, and refer to options.
Model Output Ripple *1 Minimum setting nit AC input
[mVms] [mAms] Output Voltage
Output Current
Input Voltage *2 Input Current
R3K36-1 0 to 36 0 to 1 36 5 5 100 10 115 V ± 10%
50/60 Hz
sigle phase
1 A
R3K18-2 0 to 18 0 to 2 5 5 100 10
R3K8-3 0 to 8 0 to 3 24 4 4 10 10


For details, download the datasheet below.


-L(120V): 120 VAC ±10% input

-L(200V): 200 VAC ±10% input

-L(220V): 220 VAC ±10% input

-L(230V): 230 VAC ±10% input

These options cannnot be equipped together.

-LH: Higher isolation voltage

This option make the isolation voltage to be ±1 kV, which enable extended capability of series operation.

How to Order

When ordering, suffix the above option number to the model number.

alphabetical, AC input order


For details, download the datasheet below.


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