FPD (Flat Panel Display) is a general term for video display devices with thin, flat screens, and has become popular as an alternative to conventional CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) video display devices. FPDs include liquid crystal displays, plasma displays, organic EL displays, and electronic paper. The merits of FPDs are that they are thinner than CRTs and easier to display large, distortion-free images.

FPDs are currently used in a variety of places, including smartphones, tablets, game consoles, machine control panels, and signage, in addition to TVs and computer monitors. FPD manufacturing equipment is necessary to produce these FPDs.

The manufacturing of FPDs begins with circuit design, followed by processing of glass substrates and lighting inspections. In particular, for organic EL panels, a film of a specific organic compound is formed on the surface of the display material, and an electric current is passed through the film to emit light. In order to create this organic compound film, a process called "vapor deposition" is applied. There are various methods of Vacuum Deposition, but in some cases, a DC power supply is used to control the heater in the resistance heating method, where the Vacuum Deposition source is heated by a heater.

Matsusada Precision offers a variety of power supplies for use in FPD manufacturing equipment.

The Mechanism of Evaporation

Evaporation material is heated and evaporated.
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