Electric vehicle employs motors as a power source to run by the electric energy. EV is also equipped with large types of lithium ion battery pack and large drive motor. Its AC motor has the inverter to convert DC output to three-phase AC. During the development of motors and inverters, regenerative DC power supplies are mainly used for equipment testing in order to prevent the occurrence of counter electromotive force. The battery voltage is mostly 300 V or 400 V. Considering increasing running distance, larger types of EV battery and motor are highly in demand.

Based on the applications, in addition to DC power supplies as well as electronic load, regenerative DC power supplies are all available in a wide lineup of Matsusada Precision. With our variety of ultra-high voltage power supplies over 800 V, Matsusada Precision can also meet your needs considering such high voltage performance.

EV image of battery and moter
  • Development and evaluation of bidirectional inverters and converters
  • Development and evaluation of magnetic materials for motors
  • Evaluation of ignition coils
  • Development of current sensors and shunt resistors
  • Development and evaluation of motors and peripheral equipment
  • Evaluation of electromagnetic valves
  • Development and evaluation of connectors