• DOD series
  • DOD series

Discontinued DOD series

Ultra-low ripple noise bipolar power supplies for exclusive use of the electromagnet

High stability, High accuracy, Low ripple noise

DOD series is no longer available as we have stopped the production and sales this model in January 2021. Meanwhile, we support.

High-performance bipolar power supplies for exclusive use of the electromagnet

DOD series are the ultra-low ripple noise bipolar power supplies for exclusive use of the electromagnet. From the wide lineup(the range of output current; ±10 A to ±100 A), the most suitable model for the characteristic of your electromagnet can be chosen.
Special attention has been paid to design the internal circuits of the power supply to be symmetrically placed, which helps to reduce great amount of common mode noise, in spite of the amazing small footprint of the equipment.
DOD series is the most suitable power supply as a high-stability and low noise current supply source to an electromagnet.


Wide lineup
You can choose the most suitable model from the wide lineup of up to ±120 V from ±10 V.
The display of DC output voltage and current value
DC output voltage and current value is displayed on 3.5-digit digital meter on the front panel.
Compact and light weight
DOD series is designed to pursue possible smallest footprint and light weigh, results in user's great space-saving.
Useful pretection function
Protections such as for overvoltage, overcurrent, output short circut, cooling fan error and power failure are standardly equipped to DOD series.
Digital control
Digital control via LAN (Ethernet) is available. (Ethernet is the registered trademark of Xerox Corporation.)


Please feel free to ask us about the specifications except the list below.

Model Output Input
Voltage [V] Current [A] Power [W] Standard -L(400V) option
Voltage Current (@200V) Voltage Current (@400V)
DOD10-100 ±10 ±100 1000 AC200 V
to 240 V

6 A typ AC400 V

3 A typ
DOD20-30 ±20 ±30 600 5 A typ
DOD40-30 ±40 ±30 1200 6 A typ
DOD60-20 ±60 ±20 1200
DOD80-10 ±80 ±10 800
DOD120-20 ±120 ±20 2400 12 A typ 6 A typ


About protection function

OVP (Overvoltage protection)
Output voltage is limited not to exceed approx. 120% of the rated voltage in an emergency case, thus protects the load.
OCP (Overcurrent protection)
Output current is limited not to exceed approx. 120% of the rated current in an overload case, thus protects power supply and load.


Dimensions inch (mm)/Explanation of functions


Dimensions inch (mm) /Explanation of functions Front


Dimensions inch (mm) /Explanation of functions Rear
  1. Emergency stop button
  2. OUTPUT ON switch
  3. OUTPUT OFF switch
  4. Output voltage/current meter
  5. "Local" button
  6. "Remote" button (control via Ethernet)
  7. Button for setting output current
  8. LED for displaying the state of power receiving
  9. POWER switch
  10. Terminal for monitoring output current
  11. Icon-in terminal
  12. LAN (Ethernet) connector
  13. Output terminal
  14. Terminal for status signal and interlock
  15. Terminal for monitoring output voltage
  16. Terminal for monitoring preset value of output current
  17. Terminal 2 for monitoring output current
  18. AC input terminal


For details, download the datasheet below.



For the change of input voltage and current.


Temp. stability of output current; 5 ppm/℃


Control by EPICS
(Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System)

How to order

To order, please add the above option number to the model number.

[Example] DOD10-100-LEpTc (Alphabetical order)


For details, download the datasheet below.

Tech Notes

Capacitive Load

When a capacitive load is more than 100 pF (including a stray capacitance of output wire), the resonance in the output may occur. In that case, install 100-ohm (@0.1 μF) to 1000-ohm (@1000 pF) of high voltage resistance in the output in series. Please note that the frequency band will be limited as the formula written in the right figure when an amplifier is used with a capacitive load.
In addition, when an amplifier is used for the use such as a corona discharge, the current which is higher than rating will flow and it will affect the amplifier badly. In this case, as well as the time to use an amplifier with a capacitive load, please install the output resistance and limit the current.

* Please avoid continuous inputting of high frequency signal which reduces output frequency of an amplifier. An amplifier will be broken because of increase of internal loss.

This image explains frequency band when a capacitive load is connected.

Read more


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