• COR series
  • COR series

COR series

Constant Voltage and Constant Current High Voltage Amplifier

  • Max Voltage:
    -10kVdc to +10kVdc
  • Max Current:
    -2mA to +2mA
  • Max Power: 20W
  • Max slew rate:
    more than 30V/µs
  • Full scale:
    DC to 1kHz

Best for corona current control

COR-10B2 is a bipolar high speed HV amplifier developed with our long experience and expertise in HV power supply field. High performance and reliability is achieved by all-solid-state configuration.

Features and Benefits

  • COR is the high voltage amplifier which can be controlled with CC mode and CV mode.
  • Return current terminal is standard and best for corona current control
  • Four-quadrant output ±10 kV, ±2 mA


  • Photosensitive drum testing
  • Experiment of corona discharge
  • Research and Development of electro photographic process


Model Output Slew rate Frequency response
(-3 dB)
Voltage [kVdc] Current [mA] Max power [W]
COR-10B2 -10 kVdc to +10 kVdc -2 mA to +2 mA 20 more than 30V/µs DC to 1kHz

* Typical value at sine wave.


Corona current control (return current control)

When a HV power supply is used to charge the photo sensitive drum, in most case the purpose is to control the drum current (Id). A Normal power supply can only control the drum current (Id) and lead current to shield. (fig 1.)
Using the RTN terminal COR enables you to control the drum current (Id) precisely even if the drum is grounded or not. (fig 2. and 3.)

Amplifier COR Series Corona current control Amplifier COR Series Corona current control Amplifier COR Series Corona current control


For details, download the datasheet below.


-L(230V): Input Voltage AC 230 V ±10% single phase

-L(5m): HV output cable 5 m

Please note that using the 5-meter long cable may decrease slew rate, response time, and distort output waveforms.

How to Order

When ordering, add Option No. in the following order by input voltage, and output cable length to Model No.



Input cable

3-pin plug (Type-A)/Inlet type/125 V rated/Single phase (3-core)/Black
  • CABLE TYPE 1 Power Input End
  • CABLE TYPE 1 Input Plug
Option only for -L(230V) optional models
Inlet type/Flying lead/250 V rated/Single phase (3-core)/Black
  • CABLE TYPE 3 Power Input End
  • CABLE TYPE 3 Input Plug

The length is 2.5 m for both. Please see CABLE series datasheet for details.

Output cable

  • CN-40-AHVP: HV output cable 1.5 m (standard)
  • CN-40-AHVP(5): HV output cable 5 m [-L(5m) option]


For details, download the datasheet below.

Tech Notes

Capacitive Load

When a capacitive load is more than 100 pF (including a stray capacitance of output wire), the resonance in the output may occur. In that case, install 100-ohm (@0.1 μF) to 1000-ohm (@1000 pF) of high voltage resistance in the output in series. Please note that the frequency band will be limited as the formula written in the right figure when an amplifier is used with a capacitive load.
In addition, when an amplifier is used for the use such as a corona discharge, the current which is higher than rating will flow and it will affect the amplifier badly. In this case, as well as the time to use an amplifier with a capacitive load, please install the output resistance and limit the current.

* Please avoid continuous inputting of high frequency signal which reduces output frequency of an amplifier. An amplifier will be broken because of increase of internal loss.

This image explains frequency band when a capacitive load is connected.

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