Matsusada Precision Exhibits at JASIS 2019

JASIS 2019

Matsusada Precision will set up at JASIS 2019 in September.

We are going to exhabit High voltage power supply for Mass spectrometry or Electron Microscope and very compact smoke evacuator, which is able to put small place under a work desk.

In addition, it is the first public appearance to display matsusada's new products, SEM that is tailored to X-ray CT testing device and measurement sample, small circulation deodorizing apparatus for use in analytical instruments.

New productsFirst exhibition

This is Precision CT 7400.You put buttom once, it is no hassle. It is X-ray CT testing devisce Precision to set suitable photographing conditions with full auto. Precision CT7400 have a rolling scan and reduce to scanning hours of your one tenth less than before.
This is Precision SEM3500.Precision SEM3500 is High resolution low acceleration Scanning electron microscope adopting the industry's first Dual Lens configuration. It keeps to balance user-friendly of general SEM and good performance as a FESEM, field emission scanning electronen microscope, revel, so it can make high level observation that enables the acquisition of high-definition images.
This photo is Q511 series.Q511 is a new type smoke and circulation deodorization which achieve comfortable working environment free of smell and smoke with circular push-pull method as a application of push-pull method. It can make smoke prevention, deodorization, and air cleaning in forcus area.

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Matsusada Precision Exhibits at JASIS 2019
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