exhibit at electronica 2018


Matsusada Precision will exhibit at electronica 2018 to introduce a wide range of power supplies, X-ray non-deductive inspectors. electronica 2018 opens at the Messe Muenchen in Munich, Germany, on Nov. 13. It is the leading trade fair to find out electronics components, systems and applications. You can see the entire world of electronics here.
We are looking forward to seeing you at the Matsusada stand.

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Exhibition Catalog

High Voltage Power Supplies, AU series

AU series is a high performance, high-reliability and high-quality DC high voltage power supply as a result of our high-voltage power technology built up over the years. High efficiency and ultra-miniaturization is realized with our switching and voltage isolation technology.

Four-quadrant bipolar power supplies, DJOP series

DJOP is a fast response Four-quadrant bipolar power supply. It is suitable for following applications.

  • Inductive load such as coil and transformer
  • Capacitive load like capacitor
  • Various motor tests
  • voltage regulation tests for in-vehicle electrical component
  • Evaluation test for solar panel related devices
  • For surface treatment

Ultra high speed high voltage amplifier, AMPS

AMPS realized high voltage output of ±20kHz and very high slew rate 1200V/μs. The large current type of peak current 4A is also selectable.

X-ray Inspection Systems, μB1600

The μB1600 has an internal micro-focus X-ray source and high-resolution X-ray camera, and can perform transmission imaging and measurements regardless of installation locations.


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exhibit at electronica 2018
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