Matsusada's Total Solution for MASS Spectrometry!

Matsusada's Solutions

  •  ◆Reversible HV Source
  •  ◆High Stability
  •  ◆Short and Stable Lead time

Have you already found a good solution for your product?

Do you have these troubles or concerns?

    • Need to Buy 2 Unites, Positive and Negative, to Get Reversible HV Source?

      mass_p01.jpgTo get reversible HV source, you need to buy each, positive and negative type power supply units, which takes much time and cost.

    • HV supply Does Not Have Enough Stability to Get Reliable Outcomes?

      mass_p02.jpgIt is failed to get reliable result of analysis because of low quality, big ripple and rough temp. coefficient.

      • Can't Control Production Schedule Due to the Supplier's Lead Time?

        mass_p03.jpgUnstable lead time suffers your production time table, and sometimes becomes losing customer's trust.

Matsusada's Solutions!

mass_p04.jpgPolarity Reversible compact HV modules!

We have an extensive line-up in our polarity reversible HV module. You can find out the best unit for your product in terms of specification and dimension.

mass_p05.jpgSpecially-Designed for MASS HV module are Available!

Matsusada has many solutions with high performance of their stability, low ripple and good temp. coefficient which are very critical for MASS application.

mass_p06.jpgMatsusada's Confident Stable Lead Time!

Matsusada is proudly providing constant and fixed lead time for customers who want to have stable production schedule.



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Matsusada's Total Solution for MASS Spectrometry!
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