About Piezo Driver

About Piezo Driver

Piezo drivers are amplifier type power supplies to drive stably various piezo elements with its displacement and vibration in according to the purpose.
Piezo elements have characteristic as capacitive elements and then amplifier type power supplies, which can source and sink current, but not usual stabilized DC power supplies, is required in order to activate to drive optimally. In order to activate to drive in fast response, not only responsive nature but also much more current is required. The first step selection of piezo drivers is to select power supplies fitted to elements to be used and usage conditions (its wave shape, frequency, loading).
On pulse drive with an actuator, ringing is apt to be caused on output wave and anomalous oscillation may be caused in some cases.

Damage or deteriorations of piezo elements occur in such cases. Our products are designed in consideration with such points.
Piezo driver by Matsusada Precision Inc. are products pursued versatility, so that applicable to various piezo elements (applicable to piezo elements in wide range capacity), and stability in its action. Please apply them as power supplies so that derive fully performance of piezo elements and drive optimally.

Examples Applied Piezo

 X-Y stages, Positioning of lens mirror, Positioning contacting optical fiber, Ink jet printer, Control of valves electronic valves, Excitation of parts feeder, Generation ultrasonic, Accurate Positioning of various analyzers, etc.


● Driving lens and the stage of microscope.

The illustration is a simplified showing of application to focusing microscope lens and scanning and positioning of specimen pedestal.
3 channels output type is possible to position X,Y and Z axes.


● Positioning Microfabrication

The illustration is a simplified showing of application to metallic working.


● Fine Control of Optical Measuring Devise

The illustration is of Michelson interferometer to measure accuracy of lens for light and mirror surface.


Two images of A and B are focused again every change of sample in μm order. A piezo actuator is applied to this fine control of the mirror.

Relationship of Response Speed and Output Current

In order to select piezo drivers, output current is determined by follows.
・ Capacitance of the piezo driver
・ Drive voltage fitted to required displacement
・ Arbitrary wave to drive the piezo element
Please select the model satisfied above performance by referring to specification of each piezo driver. Output current can be calculated from following formula.
[Sine curve drive] Imean≒2.2fC Vp-p
[At Pulse Drive] Ip = Vp-pC/Tr
To obtain working frequency which each driver can operate, a transformation of above formula. f = Imean/202C Vp-p
(The peak current is magnified but its possible time to output is limited 10μs and shorter.
Please refer to specified response speed of each driver.)
To obtain Rising Time for each driver, a transformation of above formula is;
Tr = Vp-pC/Ip (same as Tf)
but, as to be limited by output resistance, please take the later one of above or
3τ= 3RC as the Rising Time.



Function to Enhance Peak Power

 It is adapted for all our piezo drivers. Output peak current can be retrieved by 3 times of rated current. High speed rising is possible even a compact driver in an application for low frequency and small average power (such as No positioning).
For example, rated current of PZJ-0.1Px3 is 300mA, but it can output 900mA as the peak current. If mean output current is 300mA and smaller in its application, it can be used as the power supply of ±900mA. [see fig.2]
If 100V output, this model can make piezo element of 1μF rising by 0.11ms. Frequency of repeated pulse up to DC to 1.5kHz is possible to act in every 3 channels.


Bias Function

 Bias function is a very useful function that is able to superpose direct current on the output voltage. Bias function can be settled by free transfer of the output wave within the range of rated output with the dial on the front
panel. [Refer to Fig. 3 (a) and (b)] The wave shape is clipped if set over the rating.
[Refer to Fig.3 (c)]
 By using the bias function, it is able to change directly the reference position of the piezo element that is effective to adjust the position and DC action.
And also it is able to use as "a DC constant voltage power supply" by using only bias function as setting the control signal 0V.
Bias function is not equipped for ○○○ type but it is able to use by biasing at that stage of external signal.



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