Tech Tips

PMT precise HV modules

The variety of Matsusada's photomultiplier tube (PMT) power supply modules are designed with quite low noise and ultra compact package for OEM design with PMT. The best suitable power supply modules for your application will be found from 19 series and 126 different models from 300 to 6000 V maximum 5 W output range.

High Stability and Low Ripple Noise

Most PMT have 9 to 10 dynode stages and the anode output should be about a 10th power gain; which is proportional to the applied anode voltage. This means that even if there is a slight fluctuation in the applied voltage it will appear in the PMT output. High stability, low ripple noise, and high temperature coefficients are indispensable for power supply modules for clean output clear output.

High Power Output

In order to improve the PMT's output linearity, the DC output mode must have a higher current to divider circuit. A higher output power supply module is required for a stable gain for the PMT. Matsusada's PMT power supply modules have a maximum 5 W output. Higher output power is ideal when powering multiple PMTs.

Compact Size

While maintaining a clean high voltage output, Matsusada's PMT power supply modules have a compact design in order to save valuable space on your PCB. Because of their compact size, Matsusada's PMT power supply modules are ideal for applications requiring minimal size such as portable detectors or desktop analyzers.