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UR: I/O proportional miniature PCB mountable HV power supply module

UR series is a high performance proportional DC to DC PCB mountable HV power supply module delivering low ripple output ranging up to 6 kV. UR is suitable for E-chuck, HV bias, Inkjet Printer, PMT and also can be used as a floating power supply (fully floating output of either polarity for models up to 6 kV)

UR series
High performance, low ripple and compact for a really flexible PCB designing
Compact size will save your precious space on PCB, and will allow you a much more flexible designing of PCB. UR broad line-up of supplies, with high voltage output up to 6 kV, enable you to pick up the best suitable HV power supply for your application. All units are protected against input reverse connection and intermittent output short circuits.


Main features
  • Small size PCB mountable
  • High performance, low ripple 0.2%p-p
  • Input/Output proportional
  • Input/Output isolation

Possible applications
  • CRT
  • Electrostatic Chuck (E-Chuck)
  • High Voltage Bias
  • Inkjet Printer
  • Ionization Chambers
  • Photomultiplier Tube (PMT)


Voltage[kV] Voltage[kV]
3 0.3 to 6



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