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Home > Product List > DC power supplies > DC power supplies,List > R4K-36 Series

Ultra Slim Sophisticated Palm-top DC Power Supply, 36W.

R4K-36 series is the most compact power supply among the family of ultra compact bench-top DC supply, RK series. In addition to its impressive compact size, 4-digit voltage and current meters make circuit testing easier. With capability of digital interface, it is also ideal for production line of electrical components and for quality inspection. R4K-36 is an innovative power supply, and more than just an ordinary DC regulated supply.

R4K-36 Series
Incredible palm top size with digital remote interface as standard.
In such a compact palm-top body R4K-36 series equipped with various control options such as multi setting function, delay trigger function, pulse and sequence functions which enable the sequence operation easy. Without PC or troublesome programming sequencing control is easily possible at will.


  • Incredible compact palm-top size
  • 6 different models with various output voltages
  • Unique low noise power conversion technology for research application
  • Multiple units operation with master/slave and digital interface
  • 4-digit meter
  • High resolution D/A, A/D converter integrated
  • USB interface is also available.
  • Various waveform with pulse and ramp sequence function at will


Power[W] Voltage[V]
0.2 0 to 2
3.6 0 to 36
24 0 to 6
24 0 to 8
36 0 to 18
36 0 to 36


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