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High power, high performance with amazing low cost innovative DC power supply, VOL series is now available!

A product and solution provider

Since their establishment in 1972 as a general power supply manufacturer, Matsusada Precision has been designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of high voltage power supplies, high voltage amplifiers, hv electronics, AC and DC power supplies.

With advanced technologies and accumulated know-how, Matsusada Precision provides extensive solutions for customers' diverse applications.

Buying Matsusada Precision products means 3 main benefits to you:

High reliability, optimal quality:
With well-established Matsusada-original production system which extends PCB designing, assembly and inspection, combined with a quality control system based on ISO 9001, excellent qualities and performances are always verified.
With consistent inspection systems through all processes, Matsusada Precision commits top-level quality for all the aspects, whether planning, designing or production.
Quick delivery, reduced development cycles:
We offer 1 to 3 week production lead time for standard models, due to the fact that all the processes are done inside our own factory. Thus, we can meet your demand for just-in-time delivery, which contributes to minimizing your inventory.
Your development cycles can be reduced as we also are able to respond quickly and efficiently to any specification requirements by using the most up-to-date CAD/CAM design tools.
A solution provider at your service:
Not only a high voltage power supply manufacturer, Matsusada Precision also has extensive technologies and knowledge of DC/DC converter, high voltage amplifiers, AC as well as DC power supplies, opto-devices, UPS and X-ray inspection systems for non destructive testing. As a partner in solution provider for customers, we offer total and concrete solutions for your most diverse applications.
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